Glory To Rome

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I really like Glory to Rome, maybe more than I like Race for the Galaxy. The cartoony art doesn't bother me any, but just like Race, the game is a rush to points and you should not concentrate on building up ideal situations rather than speed and a quick end game.If I could actually find this game for a fair price I would get it, but that seems impossible for the moment.Race for the Galaxy has simply been replaced. I might still play Race for the Galaxy, but I really have no desire to usually. I'd rather play this.


there's quite a game here. and i don't mind the art (IV ed). i quite like it actually (thought white borders on the cards would have been nice).Now that I've played the kick starter Ed. I have to say I definitely prefer the original. One of two of the additional cards seem WAY overpowered.


Wow. More complex than Innovation, but just so many possibilities in a small package! So terribly awesome it hurts.


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Once I was shown how to play, I got it quickly and really enjoy it. I'm not stupid, but the rulebook was not doing it for me.


I cant stand the art in the common version. Strongly concidering making a copy of the black box myself.


I must say I'm impressed. Similar to San Juan, but with more variety and options; also more fun, so far as I'm concerned. Luck of the draw can only hose you if you let it. Also, exploiting card combos in this game is not optional or beneficial, it is 100% necessary; you can't just play a building for the heck of it. Not quite as fast or fun as Race for the Galaxy (then again, what is?), but still awfully good.


Not a fan of this one. It was good until one player played a 'NUKE' card and was able to take a card from me and the other player. Also in the same move it ended the game. WTF?!?! Nobody knew that card was in there. So it left a horrible taste in my mouth for, what appeared to be a nice little card game up to that point. It had a lot of things I liked from multi-use cards to tableau & engine building etc. But I hate games that are this swingy and random. One of the worst features about ANY game is card(s)/feature(s) that have, what I call a 'NUKE' feel. An overpowered card that just ruins a game experience. It is even worse if you have no clue it is even there. I call that a bad teacher. Even though he (the teacher) didn't know it was in our game until he drew the card. He should have made everyone aware of it's existence and what it was capable of before dropping it on us. If I had won the game in that fashion, it would feel a bit hollow. ... Again bad BAD teacher. There are apparently other "NUKE'-ish cards in the game as well. I also hear people say that all the cards are overpowered so it is balanced?? Not true at all. Not all cards (in this game) are/were created equal, sorry that is just simply incorrect. Another point people bring up is that once you get used to the game, you can devise ways to mitigate those cards... I just don't have the time to dedicate to a game this unlikable. It had potential, but it is for a specific audience, which is not me.


This is such a hard game to teach and it's easy to tie yourself in knots trying but once you get into the game it's great. I traded my original in and got the Black Box version but I think I prefer the light art of the original.


I think it's better than San Juan and Race for the Galaxy. But that's just me!


I love the interactivity, tactics meets strategy, different paths to victory, and race to break the game.


Um, yeah, pretty much really really want this.


Home made Black Box edition.


I suspect my rating will go up after a couple more plays but a couple things worked against my first play of this beloved and hard-to-find Chudyk: -Played with atrocious-looking first version. -Bad shuffle meant that I didn't see any Purple (Clientele) Cards or Yellow (Laborer) Cards despite having over 10 cards in my hand. I had to resort to Jacks for the majority of the game. -Being hamstrung prevented me from getting any kind of engine going so I got steam-rolled. Clear to say I prefer Mottainai more. I need more plays of GtR to make a more informed decision.


Glory to Rome is a fascinating beast. It's a little hard to wrap your head around the systemic flow at first, but during your first game it should dawn on you how each role interacts with the others (though some role pairings, like Craftsman and Merchant, don't interact at all). Glory to Rome is, first and foremost, a game of synergies. It's about constructing buildings that give you special powers and leveraging those special powers together with other buildings to do wonderful things. Some buildings you'll look at and say "That's lame, why would I want to build that" only to see it pair with some other cards and be blown away by how it actually plays out. Due to the impact of these synergies, each game plays out differently and has a different feel to it. You think different thoughts and approach the game in different ways based on the cards you have built. You're also very concerned about what your opponents have built and how you might possibly work to counter it. It's a fun and thoroughly engaging game.


The unattainable grail status gives it a grander reputation than it deserves. It's frustrating to watch an opponent just slaughter everyone because they happened to get dealt Road and Scriptorium first. People obsessing over getting a copy of this should really just buy Mottainai, which is a tighter, balanced filler version of GtR. Or better yet, just play Race for the Galaxy, which is the actual role-selection card game masterpiece that fans of GtR seem to claim about it for some reason.


Rebuilding ancient Rome while skimming off the top to create your own personal fortune. Cards are used as patrons (i.e. what action you take), clients, buildings, building materials, and points. The game centers around constructing a powerful combination of buildings and trying to fill your personal vault with as many valuable materials as possible before the game ends. Sometimes compared to Race for the Galaxy (cards with multiple uses, role selection, building cards with special powers) but I find that it's not quite as deep in terms of variety of strategies. Feels very reactive, hard to plan.


This game was love at first sight. One of my first games with multi-use cards. I consider it a classic gem.


2012-10-11 - Bought (StarlitCitadel)


(10/16) 8. (10/17) 8. I've only played this Grail game once, but looking forward to doing it again soon. The "follow" action is fantastic and I love the idea of building such differently powered structures and all the different player roles and card powers. So much game in such a small package.