Die Kolonisten: Ante Portas, a new scenario for Tim Puls' epic strategy game The Colonists, introduces new combat mechanisms that allow players to compete against the game, or directly against each other.

Die Kolonisten: Ante Portas adds two areas in addition to your own colony and the "home country": the battlefield and the command center. On the battlefield, the actual battle takes place, while the command center forms a new area, which is constructed from hexes like the coreland. You enter this area in the usual way by jumping onto its market. Here are the actions necessary to win your battles. You can build structures, construct traps, mines and bombs, as well as hiring your farmers and citizens and train them to be soldiers. Also, it is possible to heal your soldiers after battle.

Die Kolonisten: Ante Portas offers the opportunity for one to three players to go up against the game or for two or four players to fight in "1 against 1" or "2 against 2" mode. The new mechanisms also offer a much higher player interaction, as desired by many players.

—description from the publisher (translated)

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