Tragedy Looper

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I didn't hate the game and I can certainly see why people would like it. The deduction aspect and working with a partner to sort out the clues both have merits. It's just not for me.


I surprised at how much i liked this game and am being overly critical with a 6 rating. A deduction game of the difficult order. You will lose as the protagonists, especially, if like me, you play the wrong card. The fun is working out what cards the evil master mind is activating and therefore what plan is afoot. Actually stopping them, well, that's a different matter as so many things can cause you to fail. So why the low rating? Because i can't see myself playing it that often. It sits in the same realm of game such as Twilight Imperium. Good / Great games that take a toll on the players and should be seen as an event to be savoured and enjoyed.


I really enjoyed this game, unless I was the person running it. I want to give this a higher rating, but because it's so hard to teach I always end up being the person running it and eventually culled it out of my collection.