The King is Dead

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The King is Dead is a card driven Euro game all about area control over the territories of Britain with a thinly veiled theme of Arthurian legends. Striping away the theme, the King is Dead is a cube pusher game. The intrigue about this game is its Card Driven mechanics and the limitation that a player has only eight actions to take with the card play in the ENTIRE game. Therefore, with the limited resources of cards and actions at hand, there are many intriguing decisions to make. I would have scored this game a little higher to a '7' but the components are boring and the theme needs a uplift.


Whip-smart with a simple ruleset that packs a ton of game into 30 minutes. It's nothing like a Winsome, and yet it's the type of game most Winsomes aspire to be: straightforward, thinky, intensely competitive. I think of Chicago Express, not because the games have anything in common, but because they both offer a richly rewarding tactical gaming experience with very low barrier to entry. The 4p partner game is more interesting than I thought it would be, too.


Two tiers: First, three factions fighting for control of the map via area majority. Second, the players investing in the factions (temporarily weakening them) to have the most support with the winners. And a secondary victory condition that throws off the scoring methods of the primary one.


[Pending to sleeve]


(10/17) 6. This can only go up after how flat the first play fell. Was with a group that weren't really feeling it, but I think there's plenty of potential there. Love that you only get a handful of cards to play for the entire game making every action so important.