Through the Desert

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Area control in (probably) it's simplest form. Simple end-game scoring for a Knizia design. Non-gamers seem to love the pastel camels. Scales well, and worth keeping!


A fun game that even gets plays every now and then with my family. Even my 5 year old can play this, though she still can't grasp some of the optimal plays, she functionally plays by the rules and tries to get as many waterholes and oasis as she can. We do omit Area Control Rules with her though.


Durch die Wüste version.


love those pastel camels.


I'd like to play it more often, but it doesn't seem to appeal to enough members of my group. A bit dry for them, I think.


by paka

Abstract with pretty pieces. Come to think of it I should play it more.


Played an a date long, long ago...I'd choose Kingdom Builder (another one that I first played on a date) 10 times out of 10 over playing this again though. I don't even think they're all that similar outside of "put some colored things in lines and groups" but there's only so much time to play games and Kingdom Builder made a much more positive impression on me.


No Review Description


So very heavy, yet feels so very light. Few rules, great strategic depth, and I adore the bits. Belongs in everyone's library. Try it with your friends who don't like "confrontational" games. [EDIT] Upgraded half a point. So simple, so accessible, so tense. All hail the Knizia tile-laying games!


Fun game. A bit dry but plenty of thinking for someone who doesn't play a lot of abstracts.


Owned, but one of the few Knizia games I've never played. It sits on the shelf... beaconing. Yet I refuse. It's not the tasty pastel camels, I assure you. Update: Wow. This title does absolutely nothing for me. I am amazed, as I'm a fan of Reiner's games, but I simply couldn't bear to play this again for some reason. Perhaps I'm missing something important, but I sincerely doubt it.


When it comes to complete "themeless", this is it! Knizia's Go!


Only two games so far and that was with 2 and 3 players total so expect to find 4 or 5 a different game. Working out what is a priority and what can be ignored will require more practice, as will deciding when to end the game. I understand the appeal of the camels to some people but don't think it's good enough to get my non-gamer friends into the game. 2008-12 Four players was different but I don't think particularly so, probably because of the extra area becoming playable.


Fun area control game


TRADED AWAY I like the fact that there are a lot of options every turn, but you have limited actions. The game is a little too quiet, despite the screwage factor. Plays quickly, despite much possibility for analysis paralysis. Fast with 2 players.




Very cool Go variation where you are enclosing off sections of a board with your camel trains.  The four player game was pretty chaotic, but still a lot of fun tense decisions.


Knizia one of the best ever, simple and strategic .....


3 plays, dry but quick.


A great little multiplayer abstract. I think I was the only one at the table who really enjoyed it, but I also like abstracts more than anyone I game with.


A perfect information game with straightforward, yet difficult decisions. Arguably the best of Knizia's tile-laying trilogy.


my 5th favorite knizia, but still good!


2008-01-15 - This game gets better with each play. I like it because it is possible to hammer out 3 games in an hour. Now that's a lot of game time for one's dollar. Well worth the time to play. 2006-10-01 - Bought 2008-03-15 - Gave it away as a prize for "Mostly Mahjong"


(10/17) 6. I think we might have had the rules a little unclear so I think this will jump upon a second play. I love solid Knizias and this is supposed to be amongst his best.