Star Realms: Frontiers board game
Star Realms: Frontiers board game

Star Realms: Frontiers

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Powerful new warpgate technology has opened up a distant frontier, ripe for conquest. Star Realms: Frontiers is a deck-building game for 1-4 players that is both a standalone game and fully compatible with Star Realms and all of its expansions!

Frontiers features solitaire and cooperative modes, new mechanics like the double ally ability that really rewards you for focusing on a single faction, and awesome multiplayer formats like Free-For-All, Hunter, and Hydra!

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  • A really nice coop or Solo variant on Star Realms. Very nice addition to the series.
  • straightforward deck-building... easy to learn and play fast... a must have for deck-building fans
  • Fun, refreshing change of deck. Comes "pre-balanced" without needing more bases to make that strategy sensible. In my opinion, doesn't need the 3rd and 4th player cards.
  • FANTASTIC GAME, love it and will never stop playing. Short sweet and just straight up fun.
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