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-"Kings of Israel is an excellent little game."

"You could use this in a Sunday school class, you could use this in a Bible study... but you could use it in a game group! It's a solid game! Thank you!" -

Tom Vasel of Dice Tower Reviews

Overwhelmed by hordes of invading nations - and a series of corrupt kings - the fate of Israel is balanced on a knife's edge! The Northern Kingdom's only hope is that a band of prophets can cleanse it of evil and idolatry before the wrath of God does so - permanently. Kings of Israel is a cooperative game that places two to four players in the role of prophets struggling to save their nation from threats both internal and external. Do you have what it takes to overcome the forces of evil? Or will you let Israel succumb to its own destruction?

Kings of Israel takes place in Israel (the Northern Kingdom) during the reign of its kings up until Israel's destruction by Assyria. Players are on a team and each person represents a line of prophets that are trying to remove evil and idols from Israel, while building altars throughout the land. If the players are able to build enough altars before the game ends, they win. If Israel is overrun with evil or idols, or Assyria destroys Israel, the prophets all lose.

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