The Captain is Dead

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At Work


Rare co-op that I'll actually suggest and enjoy playing. Probably largely due to the theme. I also expect that the difficulty is far more influenced by the ratio of Engineering cards available at the start of game than the order of the alert cards.


This feels like the best take on "the standard coop" I've seen. Most are a solvable puzzle that runs dry quickly. This one has more variety than several coops combined, and is more than just "handle the bad thing that just happened". Edit: actually got a 7p game of this in, and it sang! I'm frankly impressed this scales as it does. Makes me appreciate it even more.


With this game I am starting to think I just do not like normal co-op games. The theme was good, the art was different, but I may own an NES Classic, but that does not mean I ever really liked the Nintendhard games. That is what most co-ops feel like they are trying to achieve. I am sure if they let up at all the games would feel like cake walks.


An excellent co-op game in which everyone has to work together and plan out their moves 1-2 turns out. Can be very easy or very hard but is always fun!