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When I lose, I think it's the dumbest, most random game with no basis in logic or even normal probabilities. When I win, I'm the smartest genius in the world and can bend any hand of cards to my whim and judo your hand empty by turn 3. ;-)


Far thinkier than what I want a card game to be. Too many times, one player is left paralyzed trying to analyze all their options. In reality, the optimal move is typically obvious.


Fast to teach and play filler



Very light filler


At 2p, it hits the sweet spot for card game: relatively simple rules, quick play, high replayability. Not recommended at any other player count-- you lose control over how the decisions impact your opponent (most notably: you lose the power to fold in order to sacrifice short-term points for long-term gain). Genuinely don't understand why people choose to play this game without the advanced rules. It's light years better with the special actions.


Neat card game. Definitely want to play with the more advanced rules, otherwise the game feels far too luck driven


Red7 has just enough rules to bog it down. The seven different rules are straight forward enough, but the base game gets old quick. Adding in a variant can spice it up, but when adding more than one the rules overhead becomes excessive for a game of this weight. Overall, its a bit too short for players to feel deserving of their victory or defeat, and the variants don't do enough to encourage continued play.


$6.90 23-Feb-17


(10/16) 7. Fun, quick card game with unique "always lead or get eliminated" mechanic that's really great. (9/17) Drop to 6. Still love it for how easy it is to teach and quick to play, just haven't had it hiththe table in a little while.