Thurn and Taxis

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Fun card-based game of building postal routes. Beautiful bits and board! There's no route blocking as there is in Ticket to Ride, but there is player interaction by choosing cards your opponent will want--or discarding them altogether! Fun for gamers and non-gamers alike. Very little opportunity for players to delay with analysis paralysis, so the game moves along nicely.


The game is good, but I've seen all these mechanics before. And for what this game feels like to me. I'd rather play China. It feels like it, but you don't have all the fiddley chits.


Weight: 2.26 / 5


First play with my wife was entertaining and I want to play it again as some elements only became clear in the end. My wife didn't like it so much, so traded it away. Would like to play again though.


gift from crew man jeff.


by paka

Quick area-majority type of game. Actualy has nice strategy, but somehow just doesn't come on table as much. A bit too bland I think


Easy, Fun and beautifully ilustraded. A great game for family play.


A little too chaotic, a little too luck-driven, and not enough decisions to make. Aside from that, it's very well designed, I guess; but it left me feeling a little cold.


Expansions: - Power and Glory - All Roads Lead to Rome A really solid alternative to ticket to ride with an interesting part of history as the theme (I'm serious about it being interesting. It's not something covered usually). I'm not too much of a fan of the expansion rules/gameplay changes, but the Power and Glory map with the base rules adds some extra replayability.


Enjoying this very much on Yucata. Looking forward to some f2f plays.


Pleasant route-building game with some fantastic board artwork. Personally, I find the game very RELAXING for some reason. It's laid-back without being boring. It also plays relatively quickly and affords several interesting decisions (press-your-luck being a notable mechanic that is employed brilliantly).


Adds a bit more complexity to the route building genre without taking it much past Ticket to Ride. I like the scoring mechanisms and the placement rules for adding houses which means it's not necessarily a disadvantage to revisit locations where you've already been.


Very little 'screw your neighbour' possible. Needing to pay little attention to where other people are because they can't block you (but might take the card you want) is a good thing for those wanting a simpler game. I don't think this is a game I'll suggest but it will be a rare occasion that I turn it down without something better being on offer.


Interesting game, but the luck factor is a little more important than I prefer.


Good twist on set collection. The sets are variable and there are multiple ways to attack the board. Suffers a little from luck of the draw, but it has different ways to mitigate the problem. A variety of choices each turn, but not too complicated. Good Gateway into Medium weight games.


Only ever played on and I like the online implementation so well I think it might feel a little fiddly playing the real thing. It's a simple enough game: take cards, build routes, close routes, put offices down, and score routes. And yet, this is a game where literally every single decision you make has to be so carefully considered. At the moment, I am 0 for 18 games. Can't seem to edge out a win and it's slowly driving me mad. Princess Messenger is my favorite of the expansions as the base game is more or less the same but with a bit more flexibility.


Really enjoyed this game.


2-4, 60m


2011-02-04 - Returned Chicago Express Expansion for this. Nice deal I think. 2018-05-06 - Sold BGG Dry. I like it.