Stone Age

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Great worker-placement game, very good as a gateway to introduce gamers into more deep strategy games.


Fun lighter WP, but I find that it's about 45 min too long. For the heaviness of worker placement, I'd rather play Lords of Waterdeep. For a game this length, I'd rather play something like Viticulture or Tzolk'in; maybe even Anachrony.


[GAUDET] A lot of choices in every turn. Short turns. High variability from game to game. This is an excellent Eurogame. Unfortunately, any given game is going to be highly influenced by the dice. You can mitigate your luck, but a run of bad rolls is going to get you no matter how you plan. Fun to play and beautiful to look at.


Anniversary Edition


Stone Age : only thing in French is the box cover and the rules, everything else is language independent.


Not quite as good as Lords of Waterdeep for me. Not a game I would turn down, just not one I feel I need to own anymore.


Worker placement


nice game .....


Love playing this game. Finally got bought a copy for Christmas 2011. Yay! Ok, so I guess the question is why? Well this was my introduction to board gaming as the Geek knows it and my first worker placement euro game. You always remember your first time :) The theme, the mechanics, the quality of the pieces and board, even the start player token blew me away. The theme is set during the stone age and your tribe is competing for resources to help build huts and cultural objects against other tribes. You do this by sending them of to cut trees for wood, collect stone, gather gold or hunt for food each year. We're guessing a year, because the other option you have is to expand your tribe numbers by going to the love shack. Once your tribe has established a number of resources, you can use these to build huts to live in or expand your culture. How well you do, is measured in victory points, which are tracked as the years progress with some additional VP's earned at the end of the game. The person with the highest VP's win's the game. There are worker placement games for any theme you can think of, personally, I still like playing this one because you can introduce it to non-gamer friends and still have fun. The rules are straight forward to explain and the game length is reasonable.


Great light worker placement game. The art and components are top-notch. The luck of the dice can be obnoxious in crucial moments of the game. I think using 2-3-3-4-4-5 dice would solve my annoyances with the rolling.


Not the best worker placement game, but probably the best gateway worker placement game. We have brought this out with many non-gamers and gamers alike and everyone has always enjoyed it.


A simple worker placement game that I can play with my kids. They enjoy it, and it's satisfying for me to play as well, so that makes it a winner in my book. Trade Info: Box has a large, ring-shaped dent in it. Otherwise in good condition. See image #1575852. You can find it in my gallery.


Cute game about developing a tribe of hunter/gatherers. Can feel repetitive after several plays. There isn't any real differentiation in resources, and penalties for starvation aren't scaled to the size of your tribe, so ignoring food is a viable strategy... Replaced by Roll Through The Ages (faster, better randomness) and Agricola (more depth, cuter/stronger theme)


Euro-style resource management with some dice thrown in. A bit disappointed on the way the "village" actions are set up (i.e., you almost always take one if they're available), but otherwise an excellent game.


From 2009: Very beautiful and lavish production but I still think it goes on about 20-30 minutes longer than it should. This is probably why I will not buy this game. I can see it being very popular with the lighter gaming crowd. A very nice way to involve dice and resource management. 2016-07-17 - River Market 2016-07-19 - Tastes change; Rating from 5.5 -> 7 2016-07-22 - Rating from 7 -> 8 2016-07-28 - playing on and


Stone Age looks pretty basic, and to a certain extent it is, but I enjoy playing when I'm in the right mood. The self-tailored end game scoring associated with the civilization cards is brilliant and helps create strategies for players to pursue. The 'town' actions are too scarce and tend to create scripted moves during the beginning of a new round. Overall, there isn't enough complexity for me to invest much table time, but it is a satisfying every now and again.


A fun dice worker placement game. Since you're rolling dice it makes it so you can't just do the same strategy every single time which is fun.


Nice worker placement with dice involved. The luckbit really can change the game