Yeti has come down from the mountains and is now in hiding in your house. He doesn’t want to be found but secretly wishes someone would come and search for him. So he leaves behind a photograph as a clue about where he might be. The search squad must find him based on the photograph. The four little pieces of Yeti in the House make your room look nothing like ordinary with the hide-and-seek game.

How to Play

  1. The player playing as the Yeti hides the Yeti meeple and the footprint tokens.
  2. Take a picture of the place where the Yeti's hiding. You can process the photo however you like.
  3. The players playing as the Search Squad checks the photo and makes a guess about the hiding place without moving away from the search point.
  4. The Search Squad wins if it guesses the Yeti's hiding place correctly. If the Search Squad finds a footprint instead, then the Yeti wins.

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