Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft

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I find Ravenloft can go longer than I like, but my group has had some very good times playing it. Each game has the potential to generate some great stories.SOLD, October 2014


Love the setting, the theme, and how it plays. Definitely needs more than 2 people.


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Only keeping for the miniatures - some of which are painted - won't ever play it again. Would even trade away everything but the minis if someone actually wanted that.


Okay, wow. Amazing job on streamlining the dungeon crawl, guys! This game is the anti-Descent--quick, deadly, and fast-moving. The monster movement abstraction is bloody brilliant. A lot of the mechanics are perhaps too simplistic for my tastes, but the alternative fixes would probably make the game too cumbersome and unwieldy. As it is, this is easily the second-best dungeon crawl I've ever played (after Mage Knight Dungeons). [EDIT] The subsequent entries in the series are vastly preferable, as they have improved both in terms of rules and (for my tastes) theming.


Simple and streamlined "role playing/board game" crossover. Modular board and nice sculpts. When played as a coop game (which is really what it IS at its heart) with the kids, it's a real hit. A nice introduction to the RPG for those who don't know or understand the genre.


Pretty fun. This game made me realize solo gaming can be very enjoyable. LOVE the compatibility with all the other D&D adventure and dungeon command stuff. Unfortunately, it relies on some punishingly tough Encounter cards that can get old fast.


by 3MBG

WAY to random and chaotic. It was kind of fun but I didnt feel like there were many meaningful decisions


We have played all of these about the same number of times and I don't really have a favorite.


1-5 player (best 4) 60-90 minutes


I enjoyed this more than the other dungeon crawls I have played, though it is better described as a co-op with a dungeon crawling theme. Played the first two scenarios which both seemed far too easy. Fighting the kobold boss of the second scenario was very clever and interesting. I hope the difficulty in later scenarios ramps up or this won't be seeing much play. The components bore me though. There is no artwork on any the cards. The tiles are extremely bland looking and WotC put no effort into making the tiles match on blocking edges. The minis are the only thing this game has going for it component-wise. I try not to get hung up on components too much, but an Ameritrash dungeon crawl should have high production value.


These games always come down to close victories or losses, but the theme makes them fun the whole time.


I have played through the first single player game twice. I had a lot of fun with it and I look forward to sharing it with my friends. Once you get the mechanics rhythm down it becomes second nature and then you focus on enjoying the events as they unfold. I can see where hardcore people might turn their nose up, but as a casual D&D experience I find it to be a lot of fun.