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Great family game. Pretty simple. Looking to see how Age of Giants adds some strategy to the game.


Quick play and easy to understand rules. Good for resetting between brain burners.


An excellent game that deserves it's accolades. The game play is super quick and clever. The variable turn order is brilliant. I have never taught this game and had the players dislike it.


Very light. It would be a decent game with a couple changes: 1) allowing players to see the tiles coming up on the next round, 2) making the caves less valuable. Without the 1st, it's very difficult to strategize piece placement and falls prey to luck of the draw. Without the 2nd, the player with the most caves usually just wins.


LYLA / 7.5 / 2-4p Best 2,4 / 15-20m / 2016 / Family 32 / 1.23


Tile placement


Quickly becoming one of my family's favorite games.


The hyper light, hyper fast cousin to Isle of Skye. Trades the complex scoring and economy system for a speculative draft that just works. Phenomenal production for its price point. Enjoyable at every player count. Deserves its Spiel nod.


This game is "fine," not great. I find that the gameplay feels repetitive and more-or-less mechanical with the base game scoring goals and bonuses. I would definitely get Age of Giants to add to the scoring strategies and change it up. This one does not get much play as is. Update 12/23/18: Gave away to a board gaming friend that really enjoyed his first play.



This game is a super quick and fun filler! It can be taught really quickly, and has a good amount of replay-ability in my opinion. In such a small box, its easy to bring wherever as well.


I love playing this game with my 5yo daughter. It doesn't require any reading and she plays extremely well. Even my mother, who hates playing games, had fun playing this one. The only knock is that it's very light and most gamers would prefer Queendomino over this one.




I really fun, light, fast game. The spacial aspects and tile choosing is great. The component quality is fantastic. The little touch of the 3D castles if fun, totally unnecessary, but great.


I've enjoyed it so far but I haven't bought it (or printed up my Decktet version Personimo) because I wonder about its staying power.


Light, short family game that I find uninteresting.


Nice filler, love the 7x7 variant. I need that sexy tower for the tiles.


6 Years. Play with Mathias


The appeal for Kingdomino is quickly apparent after opening the box and perusing the rules. The game is incredibly quick to learn and play, and a strong candidate for a rinse-and-repeat session. The twelve rounds are enough to temper the luck factor to an acceptable level, and the puzzle of containing your kingdom to a 5x5 grid is satisfying. Players must balance flexible growth with point generating terrain specificity. Its too quick and simple to excite me, but I'd understand if I am in the minority.


a solid way to start out a night of gaming


A quick tile laying game with unique scoring mechanics.


(11/17) 7. A light tile laying/drafting game that has a bunch of interesting choices and plays extremely quickly. A really good choice for the Spiel des Jares as I can see this being a hit with families. Very fun and accessible.


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