Upon a Fable is a Euro-style "gateway" strategy board game with a family-friendly fairy tale theme and a one-hour play time (10-20 minutes per player). Players assume the role of grand rulers in the fairy tale lands and start the game with one Small Realm (the Home Realm) overseen by a loyal Fable subject. During the nine game rounds, all rulers seek to expand their fortunes through a variety of methods, including:

• adding more Small Realms to gain the support of more Fables (which in turn, grant additional game actions each round)

• expanding the size and influence of their realms, from Small to Large to Epic

• playing Ever After cards that influence the flow of the game

• and gathering the valuable fairy tale Wonders of Magic, Love, Honour, Followers, and Castles

At the end of the game, the player with the highest point total - accumulated through the variety of different methods outlined above - is the winner and declared High Emperor or Empress!

This core board game includes everything needed to play: 6 game boards, 6 player boards, 110 game cards, over 200 cardboard tokens, and a score pad and pencil. Upon a Fable features familiar game mechanics (worker placement, resource acquisition, card drafting, and hand management) combined together with in a fun, new way to appeal to both veteran players and novice gamers. A must- have pick for your game night collection!

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