Wasteland Express Delivery Service Board Game

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BGG Spring '18


Lots of fun mechanics. Okay theme. Just took a long time to the point of overstaying its welcome.


This game features really smooth turn by turn gameplay. Great theme and components. Keeping up with all of the bits and bobbits can be a chore and occasionally you can get hit with some bad dice rolls that can set you back a turn or two.


Dripping with theme, this one felt really really good once we got going with it. I can't wait to play it again and maybe even get a campaign group together


2-5 players (best 3) 90-120 minutes


The bitsplosion makes it look heavier than it actually is. In general, it can be fast-paced (just snap and growl at other truckers who give into AP and/or aren't planning their move when it's not their turn) and you can do a 5 player game in 2 hours. Some further buffing on the cards would bump up the rating--if each player mat had a baked in sleeper cab and machine guns, there would be a clearer indication of your base stats. If the missions that require using the [OUTPUT] action said as much on their cards, rather than the nebulous "Deliver", that'd help. Unless some of them actually DO use the [DELIVER] action... Some confusion also with "Purchase" meaning goods, NOT items from the shop, and the unfortunate lack of a * on the Escort/teleport card hinder easy explanation. After a few plays I also find that the public quests don't seem entirely worth it (at least, not the Nuke One, the varied smuggling one, or the Vision Quest), not when you could keep scrounging for reliably easier smuggling quests from the deck. Raiders at first seem super scary, but ultimately they're just a mildly inconvenient store, which works well for a sense of progression. Some starting powers seem overpowered--a RAD shield at the start or an extra trailer seem much more powerful compared to "go slightly faster", especially since most moves either are


While I enjoy the MadMax / Borderlands theme, W.E.D.S suffers from a lack of focus, or perhaps more accurately a lack of proper focus. The fun of this game comes from souping up your doomsday truck, but doing so doesn't necessarily propel you toward the end-game. Players must instead focus on completing objectives, making the most interesting and fun part of this game auxiliary. In practice, this game is about accelerating your economic engine. Pick up goods, sell goods, buy more room for goods, buy goods, sell goods, etc. Granted, this is expected from any pickup-and-deliver game, but W.E.D.S. focuses on this mechanic too strongly, thus downplaying its greatest aspects.


Loved my first play of this game, it was a little long but I know that subsequent games will be much quicker. Later in the game we all started figuring out how to be more efficient with completing contracts.