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Played once, was allright. No need to buy this one though.


A weird mix of euro bag building and dudes on a map but, it works! Definitely enjoy this when we play. I'm not quite sure why this isnt more popular. Its kind of a hidden gem of sorts.


Engine-building, bag-building, exploration, area control game with asymmetric sides. Games are quick-ish (three, two-player games in four hours). Turns are also usually quick, though some can take longer due to AP. Lots of advanced technology cards, five factions and variable map setup ensure tons of replayability. Like most euros, there's a lot of multiplayer solitaire but the area control means there is some interaction. There's a lot to like here and not much to dislike, one of my favorites.


Managing your "deck" of cubes is rather fascinating, and the techs and options the map provides offer great variety. The faction balance is suspect, to say the least, but overall I was very impressed.


Fun game. The bag is an interesting mechanic and running your economy by it is an interesting challenge. Not sure about how balanced the powers are though.


It seems like every time we play this game, despite the myriad of fixes from the designers, there is always some ridiculous combination that someone finds to run away with the game.


Fairly straightforward bag builder/dudes on a map hybrid that masks its simplicity in a pile of iconography. Unsatisfying win con. Central mechanism for action selection is really good but the rest doesn't quite hold up.