Detective: A Modern Crime Game

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Really good game. Very immersive - you have to be prepared to get involved in the game and spend at least 3 hours playing it. It's really fun to discuss the case and possibilities with your group.The text in cards sometimes are overkill - badly written and unnecessary to the game itself.


Thoroughly immersive and challenging. My only reservation is re-playability. I can see myself playing it more than once, but unlikely to be 5 or more times (unless with new cases)


Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame packs an intriguing and gripping story into a fantastic experience. The story unfolds over 5 separate cases that connect through an overarching storyline. Each session lasted about 2-3 hours, but this will depend largely on your group. I originally played this with a group of four and we made it a fun bi-weekly event of dinner and playing through a case of this game. I enjoyed this game so much, I often found myself discussing events of the previous case with my significant other between our play sessions. Pros: - Strong Theme - Engaging Story - Accommodates Variable Player Sizes (even between cases) - Encourages strong cooperative play - The website is an interesting feature of the game Cons: - Replayability is close to non-existent - The writing can at times be confusing/misleading - Case times can be long for certain play groups if there is lots of discussion


Wow… I am so impressed by the rich, authentic experience this game creates! In this genre, absolutely everything is riding on the story and the sense it evokes when you read/play through it… and each of these shines bright in Detective. Best of all, my non-gamer wife absolutely loves playing! (In fact, she even SUGGESTS playing, which is something I can assure you NEVER happens in my household!) Needless to say, I am thrilled to own this game and would give it a very high recommendation – especially if puzzles, problem-solving, or general detective-ing are even remotely your kind of thing. :)


An app-less, not-as-good version of Chronicles of Crime.


Best: 2-4 Time: 120-180 Min Weight: 2.70


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