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2-4 60 min.


1 xx


Overall a great game. I love the tension when trying to decide how to use each card. I think the canal building path to victory is slightly broken but this has been addressed in the City on the Zwin expansion.


Finally got my hands on a copy of this! I really enjoyed my first play of this and I'm hoping to convince my wife to play again. The use of cards in this game is great. Another solid game by Feld!


It was pretty good. But I wasn't nearly as impressed as all of my opponents.


A bland mish-mash with too much dice.


Just my kind of game - very short player turns, keeping everyone engaged. Every turn is a meaningful decision. Many paths to get points. Very tactical. The multiple use of the cards is extremely clever. The luck of the draw may be too big of a factor. INCLUDED: Bruges: The City on the Zwin


An exercise in teaching boardgamers that sometimes you can't control every aspect of what you're playing. Sometimes you need to prepare and react to what the game does. People who don't like Bruges don't like the fact that they can't control enough aspects of the game. People who like it realize that the game is about taking what the game gives you, and making the best out of it. Bruges isn't perfect, but it's great for what it tries to do.


Could be my favourite Feld game - fantastic time playing with with Lauraine, Clive & Alastair


2-4, 60m


Always interesting and close. Fascinating but not too heavy. Perhaps the perfect game?


(12/16) 9. I I a Feld fan? I didn't think I was, but I just might be. Really, really loved this game, though I was fortunate enough to play with the hard-to-find Zwin expansion and am a little concerned I wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much without it, but looking forward. Love so many aspects of this game, love the card play and variable card powers. Seem like there are so many different avenues to score and win. (10/17) Drop to 7. Ugh...just a heartbreaking drop in rating. Just haven't been able to play it again since trading it after getting an offer I couldn't refuse. Another copy is on its way with the fantastic Zwin expansion. This should definitely rise back up.