Ticket To Ride

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Ticket to ...

by Robertcompton

Ticket to Ride for me is the ideal gateway board game. It's a great introductory game that provides just a flavour to non-gamers of what is both fun and challenging about the hobby. The mechanics are simplicity themselves, you have a set amount of track. You have destinations to join up on a board. You need to collect carriages of matching colours for each station hop of the journey. Whilst there are expansions and twists to this, that's the basis of the game and you have to love it for that.


I love the...

by 1nf1n1ty

I love the simplicity yet still has enough strategy to be interesting. Great family game


Possibly t...

by davidme

Possibly the best game with which to introduce people to designer board games.


Good: Easy...

by ThiningAboutGames

Good: Easy to teach but strategy is not obvious. Bad: Very punishing of trying a route and failing despite having a high degree of randomness. Players will block you without needing to try, ruining your fun.


Solid game...

by MichaelDyrud

Solid game, though not a lot of depth. Great gateway game.



by winnebagomafia

Practically brand new, only played once


Simple gat...

by BrouhahaGames

Simple gateway, good for kids.


digitale v...

by maartendp

digitale versie op android


It's a cla...

by elltrain

It's a classic, and the quick-playing games on my phone are making me start to really appreciate the depth here.


One of my ...

by thomasjbradley

One of my partner’s all time favourites—and rightly so, it’s a simple, fun game. Works well at 2 people but just as well with more people.


One of my ...

by thomasjbradley

One of my partner’s all time favourites—and rightly so, it’s a simple, fun game. Works well at 2 people but just as well with more people.


Decent gam...

by brenthenson

Decent game, I think I out grew it before I played it. Wife wasn't all too pleased with it. Traded away.


This is "a...

by mgacy

This is "an old friend" kind of game. Easy to play when you don't feel like learning/remembering lots of extra rules.


W/ Exp: US...

by Ethereal87

W/ Exp: USA 1910 TtR is a good introductory game and it has enough depth for a lighter yet satisfying playthrough.


2-5, 45m

by snurp

2-5, 45m



by Brent

Appreciate that the popularity of it has opened people's eyes to the fact that boardgames extend beyond Monopoly.


This was t...

by Chitownsox

This was the second real board game I bought, and it got some play at first, until we moved on to deeper strategy games. This game is still a blast though, and is great for kids. Math trade: RftG, Space Alert, through the ages


This is a ...

by Gordo81

This is a lot of fun when my wife and I can get together with other people to play. Hit the sweat spot of 1-2 hours play time (that might be a few games) The family really like this, I am considering a map pack as most of the family has a few versions of this game, we also have the 1910 expansion, I like the bigger cards.


My review ...

by Zeugmatic Player

My review of Ticket to Ride can be found here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/386728


One of the...

by klz

One of the best introductory Euro games, I still love to play and teach it. The larger 1910 cards help a lot when shuffling.


Good game ...

by usagi-san

Good game for the 60 minute investment of time. As everyone says, it is great with 4 and not as much fun with 2. With 3 it is all right and it is an absolute blast with kids of any age.


[Pending t...

by LuisGomez

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by MooseMcD



Ok game, e...

by illwill

Ok game, easy to bury yourself with no chance of recovery, not sure I would choose over sort of similar games.


A great fa...

by ekloff

A great family game, with little to intrigue veteran gamers. Although the base game is very run-of-the-mill, the addition of ferries, tunnels, and stations in the Europe edition are quite fun. However, I find myself revisiting the same strategies time-and-time again. Experienced players claim that blocking routes is important, but I've never found blocking to be an effective point mechanism, or strategy deterrent.


The iconic gateway game

by adomescik

No Review Description


The gateway game

by zerotozero

Whether it's a game night or a get together this is the go to and most played game I have. Game play has simple mechanics that most people are familiar with drawing cards and placing tokens on the board while also trying to make connections between cities. Ticket to Ride is a great game to introduce to people who only think of board games such as Sorry or Trivial Pursuit. Friendly competition to complete your routes and disrupt your opponents can stir up some fun table banter. If you feel you are falling behind you can gamble for more routes to complete but you might just bust in this modern classic.


Mayday Sle...

by Fiahwerkz

Mayday Sleeved.



by Mikeside



A fun gate...

by Psylocke

A fun gateway game that is easy to teach and easy to play, but has strategy nonetheless. The components are fun which makes this even easier to use to get people into gaming.


Nice gatew...

by Cooking_Meeple

Nice gateway game. Easy to get what you are supposed to do and easy to play