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Nice euro game that's easy to learn and quick to play. Contains a good mix of luck vs. skill as well as a nice mix of tactics and strategy. A quite thinky abstract. Theme is minimal, but the pieces are of great quality and the game looks fantastic. Counting up VPs at the end is a bit tedious, though (compared to games of similar length and complexity). Not one I will be eager to play often, but it's fun to have a go once in a while.


Fun game, very tactical, I enjoy it with any number but it's best with two. Any more than that, and I feel like the winner can be determined by player order.


A neat little economic engine with puzzle-ish elements. I enjoy the former far more than the latter.


Simple, fun, with the potential (very slight) for some brain-burning. Majority mechanic for payment of goods, movement between nodes is limited, selling of goods exacts a toll on seller (loss of market stall) and on others (item of same color is lost). All in all, a nice and simple game that doesn't get bogged down in it's own detail.


1play.3players. It was an ok game. A "meh". Fun to be sure but there was something about it that prevented me from getting into the game. I guess this would define "dry" for me. Traded MoV for this (+Tombouctou, +Domaine) at Fallcon 22: 2009-09-19