Burgle Bros.

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Weight: 2.28 / 5Signed by Tim FowersIncludes foamcore insertiOS app also purchasedSecond copy traded for Triassic Terror


co-op, Ocean's 11 themed. Difficult but not much variability.


I need to get this to the solo table, but for some reason, setup always seems to deter me. This is odd because I have heavier euros which take longer to set up, but somehow the effort seems more worth it for these.


A great heist game. Reminiscent of Invisible Inc on PC, where the thieves cannot simple attack everyone - they have to sneak around.


by sky

1.5 plays (4p) - we lost the first game after two turns (don't end your turn in the foyer!). Pros: Great art and components. There are many interesting mechanics that really adds up to a great experience (rolling the dice to crack the safes just feels so right!). The game felt very thematic as we made our way through the floors, squeezing every ounce of our character's expertise to dodge the guards and alarms and claim the loot. Cons: With more players, the guards get to move more frequently whilst your own character remains stationary until it is your turn again. The floors are not very big so the guards can quite easily patrol the whole floor before you can move again. This makes it important to spread out to the different floors quickly and we found that in the later turns, it was better for some player to just hang back on floors we've already finished robbing so as not to activate certain guards (which isn't very fun). Luck also impacts the game greatly, from the layout of the floors and the guards' patrols. Overall, great game that perhaps works better with few players.




We love co-ops, and this was really fun. And while this stands apart from Pandemic, creating its own experience, I can't say we have room in our lives for two great entry-level co-ops. Maybe Burgle Bros 2 will change our minds?


Enjoy the components and theme. Gameplay is pretty tight, disappointed that it only scales to 4 as yet.


Great integration of theme and mechanics. Only played once at the time of this rating, and I expect the rating will go up a notch after more plays.


One of my favorite co-op games. The theme is SO immersive! Fun solo too! I just wish it didn't take quite so long to setup (randomize tiles) and play. Also, can be quite difficult to win.


Leacock-ish co-op. Theme is integrated perfectly with the mechanics. The online floor generator gives this thing legs.


This is a great coop game. I just don't care much for coops.


Another snoozer of a co-op.


This is such a good logic puzzle type of game for two players. We're trying to figure out how to best avoid the guards and make trade offs with stealth tokens or player powers and it's a lot of fun. It's HARD too and we've never won with the default three-floor scenario. My only complaint is that it's a lot of setup and we've had some games that end really quickly for a really unlucky streak of actions. I'm concerned that an app is better just on the setup side of things.


Lent to DK


Great theme and probably my favorite cooperative game. Love the art too. Better than Forbidden Island/Desert.




With a tower I built from foam! My pick for best lighter co-op. A contender for my favourite gateway game. Prone to quarterbacking but I've never experienced it.


What a delightful game. Full of possibility and sneakiness. This is what Forbidden Island/Desert should have been. Just great.


Too much luck in a game that should be more about planning and strategy given the theme.


(12/16) 7. I'm a fan of co-op games and this one is no exception. It's very clever and I've enjoyed my plays for sure though it just hasn't quite wowed me. (9/17) Drop to 6. A great game where there's a lot of fun in a little box, but I've never had a play that really blew me away for whatever reason.