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A lot of people are saying this game is like Tokaido and I agree. I do believe it offers more choices than Tokaido but they are similar in that you move your meeple along a linear track to collect “stuff”. Also, both games IMO are very pretty to look at—the art is gorgeous. However, if you have zero interest in real life parks or the outdoors then I don’t think you would care too much about the art. In essence, you walk along a trail and collect water, sunshine, trees or mountains. These are basically resources/currency you need to collect to “buy” a park. Well, you can’t buy a park in real life so I guess thematically it represents the trails you took to get to/visit a particular park. Okay...i get it I guess. These parks are worth points and at the end of the game you want to have the most points to win the game. Did I like it? Yes. Will I ask my buddy to play it again anytime soon? No, probably not. It is a game I think my mom would enjoy because she loves parks. However I think she might enjoy the art as much or more than the gameplay.


Barnes & Noble Edition


Simple and beautiful. A wonderful filler that I find impresses most based on the beautiful components and artwork. Oh and gameplay is good too!


The game is absolutely stunning, great production value. The game itself is nice, nothing groundbreaking but nice.


Played at a con. Artwork is just lovely! game mechanics are straightforward, so this could be a good entry game for kids or non-gamers.


Absolutely, stunningly beautiful.


My wife and I really have been loving the game and how beautiful it is. It's also just a solid worker placement game that we can play in under 40 minutes which fits a really nice gap in our collection!