The hughely popular massively multiplayer RPG is coming to your tabletop! The WORLD OF WARCRAFT Online Roleplaying Game is the most successful computer game ever, and has garnered enthusiastic acclaim from its more than 3 million players worldwide. Play your favorite Warcraft classes and races as you explore the world of Azeroth in this enormous board game. Battle opponents, gather treasure, and gain levels! Embark on quests to grow ever more powerful and compete to the greatest hero in all the land. The epic WORLD OF WARCRAFT: THE BOARDGAME production will include gorgeously crafted components, including over 150 highly detailed, sculpted plastic figures representing the multiple races of the WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Players will be able to take the roles of all nine of the WORLD OF WARCRAFT classes, each with its own unique and fun talents and powers. The WORLD OF WARCRAFT BOARDGAME is a massive production that will ship in FFG's signature "Epic Style Box" (similar to that of FFG's TWILIGHT IMPERIUM and DESCENT: JOURNEYS IN THE DARK games). You do not want to miss this exciting release that is bound to be one of the greatest board game events of 2005.

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World of Warcraft: The Board Game

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