Castle Panic

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Fun, great with kids, but can just be LONG.Base game should just be used as a teaching tool. The Wizard's Tower expansion is a must-have.


Really enjoy this coop game with my sons.


I quite enjoyed this game. It's very light. And very luck dependent, I would love to get a copy for my daughter and family, I think we'd have fun with it.


Weight: 1.67 / 5


Rating based on play through, which was a lot of fun. Did appear a little on the easy side, I did not come close to losing the game.


* Rated as a kids game.


A great warm-up/filler game; my group often starts the day off with it.


Sold July 26, 2017


Pretty simple co-op with an enjoyable theme, I'm interested in the expansion. Really fun when you're tired, I wish there were a few more exciting moments like when you crush a pile of orcs with a lucky boulder.


I don't really like this game but I keep thinking I'll find the right audience for it. I don't know that I'd ever play it instead of Dead Panic, which I also don't like but at least feels more natural with the zombies.


GREAT cooperative gateway game! I use this one to introduce people to co-op games, because I've found Pandemic to be a bit overwhelming to people due to the high number of options mixed with strategy. Castle Panic still has options and strategy, but not so much to be confusing. The color matching aspect makes it easy to learn, and the board is layed out easily in the different ranges of attacks. Every new turn that brings more monsters ratchets up the tension, but it also brings more opportunities for strategic play. Being able to trade cards with other players helps, as does the player count going up to 6 people. I've played this with a 47 year old and a 9 year old at the same table, and we all enjoyed it!


Great condition with Broken Token insert and all expansions to-date


This is a fast and furious play and is a real hit with our kids. Tension, cooperation, and laughs mixed with "face palms" abound. A wonderful time and a wonderful game.






I'm becoming increasingly less thrilled with the coop genre, but this is a solid entry.


RATING FOR KIDS. Nice little co-op for kids. Nothing complex here but a nice fun game. Obtained in a Math Trade. The problem is that the game is too long to keep the kids' attention span and too simple for the adults.


Good co-operative family game. Enjoy playing it with the kids but wouldn't necessarily love it in an adults-only setting. Tends to feel a bit long at times, although that could just be the "playing with younger kids" factor.


The base game of Castle Panic is just horrible. It's boring, and un-inspired. Every turn is played out with little to no decisions, and it gets very repetitive. Basically, if you buy this game, you're almost required to also buy the Wizard's Tower expansion at the same time. If you sell or trade this game, make sure to sell or trade the Wizard's Tower along with it. Don't be that guy.


Tower defense


Basic Castle Panic is a pretty good co-op defense game, but too simple. Wizard's Tower is a must-have expansion and improves my rating dramatically!


A semi-interesting co-op.


Great co-op fun. Fun theme, not too long makes this a great "gateway" game.


Every game of Castle Panic I've played so far has been really enjoyable. Would highly recommend it as a light co-op game you can play with pretty much anyone.


Finally, a non-mass market game that the whole family loves and will play with me.


My Boys are enjoying this, Although I can play a game with them I do feel like herding cats to some extent as they often try to use all the bit when really we are lucky to get through the family edition of the rules.


Enjoyable but easy. Would like to try some of the expansions that increase the difficulty.


Too simple without the expansion.