Britannia (Board Game)

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by paka

Left me a bit cold. I'm willing to give it another go at another time tho to be sure it wasn't tiredness or slow play that got to me.


This is a hard game for me to rate, so bear with me. I enjoyed my first game tremendously; it is a very, very well-designed game; I am extremely glad I played; but I don't know if I ever care to play again. It's too long, has too many exceptions, but succeeds admirably as a semi-scripted series of "what if" historical counter-factuals. There are other wargames, however, I'd rather play in much less time.


I own the older AH edition. This is a game I've been drawn to for years. I played it back in the day, but never all that much. The game is heavily scripted, which ought to bug - but somehow it doesn't. With my last play, I admitted to myself that perhaps this game has been surpassed. There are more fond memories for this game than anticipated future plays. Trade Value: $35


great shape, played once


The theme and the execution are very good. This is an exactly 4 player game. Not recommended at all with 3 or 2. Recommend shouting "blood!" or "freeeeedommmm!" when rolling the dice.