Viking Horde: Papercraft is a paper-craft fantasy Viking warship game for two or more players pitting opposing fleets against each other for naval supremacy.

The goal of the game is to manoeuvre your fleet to strategically engage and sink enemy player ships in order to claim mastery over the Nordic seas.

Played either on the floor or sheltered areas outside, Viking Horde: Papercraft features a one-ship-at-a-time mechanic making for a fast and engaging player turn rotation, even with huge ship fleets. The game employs on-hand measuring devices, namely player's feet, to gauge movement and attack distances, and makes use of a custom paper-craft dice set to resolve ship vs ship combat and other aspects of the game.

Core game mechanics include:
- One ship activation per player turn, allows for an engaging game for all players right to the very end.
- Directional wind mechanic to tactically enhance ship movement.
- Ship crew members, with class based abilities and roles.
- Ranged and Melee based combat system though use of D6 outcomes.
- Removable shields attached to the sides of each ship to track damage.
- Modularised ruleset (expansion packs and optional rules can be swapped in/out at the groups discretion).
- Floating loot provides random power-ups, events and penalties.
- Ship movement through on-hand measuring devices for simplicity.
- The paper-craft kits for the game come pre-cut and assembly is glue free.

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Viking Horde: Papercraft

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