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by Wyrd

Lovely engine-building game with some of the best art in the industry and a theme that everyone except your ultra-religious cousins can enjoy. Every version of this game is great; one of the classics for sure.


The boy loves it. I think it's clever, but it's not one I want to play often.


I think this game is alright. Some of the card combos is kind of neat, and you have to pay attention around the table avoiding whoever is out there and seeing what they do with their species. Are some of the combos too powerful? I don't know, after only a couple of games, I've seen different things be different powers over time.




A really unique mechanical feel to it. Love the theme depth too.Great player interaction too.You've got to love a game you win by eating the most food..


Evolution sure is a game. It has cards and tokens and pieces so it must be a game. I knew nothing about Evolution going in beyond the cover art and a vague notion of the theme. Loving nature and animals and knowing it was well-regarded was enough for me to take a chance on it. Then I played it and thought "that's it?". Then I played it again and thought "I made very few actual choices". Each time I play I like the game less - the beautiful art is wasted and falls by the wayside in the face of dull and transparent mechanics that rise to the top. I continue to read reviews and opinions to see if maybe I've missed something but months later it still sounds like I'm playing the same game everyone else is. Probably not the game for me, but I'll keep trying occasionally because man, do I ever want to like this game.


Expansions: - Climate - Gigantism Promo Very aggressive game. You can have 4 species one turn and only 1 the next turn depending on how the feeding phase goes. Can get a little confusing, especially with more players and higher species counts. When carnivores have to feed, you'll be asking the other players a lot about what traits are active.


Kickstarter Project http://kck.st/1kDArgy - Backed: 05/16/2014 - Funded: 06/16/2014 - Pledge Level: Pledge $50 or more: "Evolution" - Payment: $50 - Survey: 08/22/2014 - Projected Delivery: 10/2014 - Shipped: 10/10/2014 Status: DELIVERED




Great Engine building card game that looks absolutely stunning and is really well matched to its theme. The goal of the game is to build the most successful ecosystem. Success is defined by how much food you have consumed, how many traits you have acquired and how big you populations are. This game is highly variable and plays out differently every time. For instance, one game might have a lot of resource scarcity requiring species to evolve into carnivores. Or a large carnivore could evolve early resulting in the other species evolving a lot of defensive traits. If you don't change your strategy as the situation and food changes then you won't win this game. The one downside is that the game does have a runaway leader potential. Overall though, everyone who has played this game with me has wanted to play it again so I can't recommend it highly enough.


2-6 Players 50-70 Minutes


Almost defies description of a game. The only redeeming quality is there's some interesting interaction between carnivores, herbivores, and the watering hole. But ultimately it comes down to who goes 2nd having a significant advantage along with whoever is able to create the biggest and largest carnivores to eat everything else. Thus the game is basically "solved" after one play-through.


Fun game. Still working out the strategies.


FULLY SLEEVED 129 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


I came into this game with low expectations, but that was completely unfounded. The incorporation of evolution as both a theme and mechanic makes this game come to life. And the decisions of how to play trait cards are wonderful. Should I bolster my body size, apply a new trait, or start a new species? These options are triggered in the same way, but can lead to very different game paths.


I really like the way this game forces competition and makes you adapt every round. Its great for an evolution game.


(10/17) 5. Disappointed that I didn't like this one more. The card interactions were just a little too fiddly and I never felt like I could really get into it too deeply. Perhaps on more plays the strategies would emerge.


Simple rules and really interesting outcomes.