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Need to give this another play


This game provides you with tough decisions and some opportunities to both be mean and engage in a little coopetition. I like the "pushing" element of the game as well as having to spend all the movement actions, whether on your own ships or others. Some things that irked me: 1) The board design is all backwards and they didn't need to make it confusing by having US West and US East, especially with the images so small; 2) On a related issue, figuring out who was paid by/pays the company and who was paid by/pays the player was very confusing; 3) There are also seemingly few opportunities both in gameplay and b/c of money to buy shares in other companies; and 4) Money is brutal in this game and it's hard to come away without tanking your company or your private funds at least once. Things to consider in the future: I wonder if this game wouldn't get a little samey after a while. Especially because there are only three rounds and it's damn near impossible to get a ship from one side to the other in a singe round.