Druids are preparing for a great contest. Who will be the first to restore order to the elements?

In ROX, the druid players are presented with sixty cards that lay scattered on the table. Each card is one of five colors with a matching colored totem in the center of the card, and the border of the card has sixteen symbols in a mixture of the five colors.

To start a round, each player takes a card from the center, looks at the border to see which color/symbol is most prominent, then takes a card of this color, looks at the border, etc. until the player has placed a total of five cards in front of them. One all players have finished, the first player to finish uses a magic eye card to verify that they made the correct color choices for each card that they placed. If they did, they take the highest scoring card for the round; if not, they get nothing.

After a certain number of rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

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