Second in the seemingly choose-random-words-for-a-plot Devil Bunny series, the idea behind this game is, frighteningly enough:

You and your friends are honest, hard working taffy pulling machines working in Devil Bunny's taffy factory. Devil Bunny hates the Earth, for reasons best left known to people who bother to think about such things, and has decided to have his revenge by releasing upon this world the most unsatisfying brand of saltwater taffy known to man. You and your friends have devised a way to stop him, however. By luring cute and cuddly little squirrels into the factory and getting them to gum up your works (presumably doing unpleasant things to the squirrel, too) you think you might be able to break yourself, thus foiling Devil Bunny's plot. Sure, it's a half baked idea, but you're taffy pulling machines, not scientists. Besides, Devil Bunny's plot isn't likely to succeed anyway.

The game focuses on distribution of tokens (representing squirrels) in a linear fashion eventually leading to your machine. However, on certain rolls of the dice, Devil Bunny will come out onto the board and repair (remove tokens from) a machine. Wacky, fun, quick.

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