Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale board game

In Cartographers, players compete to earn the most reputation stars by the time four seasons have passed. Each season, players draw on their map sheets and earn reputation by carrying out the queen's edicts before the season is over. The player with the most reputation stars at the end of winter wins.

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  • First time I have been this lost trying to learn a game. Also not my jam since I love the tactile of game pieces.
  • Very solid R+W with a tetris like pieces to fill board. I don't like having to draw terrain types, and in fact will play with colored pencils to just color in the sections of each type. Overall though this is a pleasant experience.
  • April 2020-I tend to not like the other flip and writes. I don’t know why I like this one so much, but it really does everything so great. The scoring mechanism of seasons is perfect. You can really plan ahead and score a ton on all your careful planning! Should I go after coins, or add more tiles to my kingdom? The monster tiles sounded awful, but in practice they keep each of the players from having identical lands. And often times they are not too bad if you don’t just ignore them.February 2020$18.99
  • This game caught my attention after seeing it nominated for a Spiel des Jahres and watching a video review. I was really interested in it being a different type of game from my current collection, hoping it might catch my teenage son's interest and get him to play more games with me. I bought it last month and we tried it out. I reaaly enjoyed it, and he said he'd be interested in playing it again! We played a game with six players. The rules are fairly straight forward, but it still took about half the game for a few non-gamers to figure it out, especially the scoring mechanics. I think that is in part to it being a different type of game from what they expect games to be. They still all had a lot of fun with it, though, and said they'd play it again. The game doesn't take a lot of time. I think it can easily be completed in 30 minutes. And drawing monsters on other people's maps? So much fun! I hope to be playing this a lot.
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Bought #Patchwork for my mother for her birthday, taught it to her and promptly lost. She likes certain games and really doesn't like others so it's always nerve wracking bringing something to the table. Apart from only playing at 2 I still think it is one of the very best gateway games in existence.

Got in a four player game of #Mariposas. I was very concerned this game would be too light but we ordered it to support Elizabeth Hargrave. I was pleasantly surprised, action selection isn't a mechanism I particularly love, I feel like the only person on earth who thinks #Concordia is just an ok game, but this game surprised me. It is far from a heavy game but it does have a really cool decision space between trying to achieve goals, trying to collect sets for special abilities and trying to set yourself up to be able to make it back to the bottom of the board at the end of the game. It doesn't share much with #Wingspan but I do think it exists in a similar space of a game and theme that is appealing to non gamers and accessible but with interesting enough decisions for a heavier gamer. I was really pleasantly surprised by this one.

Played a two player game of #Everdell which is my wife's favorite, I like tableau builders but the mechanic in this game of going from feeling like you just don't have enough workers/actions to do anything to having a full city and resources and event cards etc is as good as any game, the snowball in this one when cards start comboing each other is great. Still looking for a house rule that better deals with the deck bloat and number of repeat cards but supposedly that will be addressed in the next expansion. It isn't my favorite game but one I always enjoy.

Played another two player game of #Pendulum on the advanced sides of the board. I really appreciate how unique this game is and what a puzzle it can be but, in my opinion, a change of pace from the typical decision making process I go through in a game. I really like this one as something different, still feeling out overall opinion on it. My big suprise has been that instead of the assymetric players giving some type of powerful advantage I find they all do a great job of disadvantaging different engine building methods and make you really puzzle around them. I really enjoyed that but do wonder if with more plays there will become a more prescribed way to play with each one and force a lot more intentional blocking amongst players as part of game strategy. 

Got in a first play of #Alma Mater which my wife was adament we get, she's a writer and wanted the book pieces even if the game didn't live up to its promise. I was concerned this would be a game that just wasn't particularly good at 2. While I still think it will shine at 3 the "dummy" player and deck were about as easy as it could get and made it an enjoyable game. The game worked much harder to be thematic than I expected and I really enjoyed every aspect of it but the research track, though i think that was my fault for not realizing that was something I'd want to mitigate with student pieces (they provide different engine building bonuses in the income phase of the game). The game has a variable market and real scarcity for both money and certain books and having a track that you need to move up to increase the value of your type of book but also being a MAJOR part of end game scoring that uses escalating amounts of already tight resources that allow you to perform the other actions in the game felt like an obstacle for the sake of an obstacle. I do think if you know this going in you can make decisions in the early game that make it less of an issue. 

We were able to see family and so played multiple games of #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and #Bang!: The Dice Game at 8 players. I am constantly looking for a game that is both accessible and has a great decision space at 8 players. Suggestions are always welcome!

Finally got in my first two plays of #Paladins of the West Kingdom. I haven't played #Architects of the West Kingdom but have played #Raiders of the North Sea and had heard so many good things about Paladins and was able to get a ding and dent copy and snatched it up. To me the decision space and game dynamics felt like a weird combination between #Orléans (colored worker spaces, workshops acting like tech tiles) and the track synergies of #Tapestry but a game I enjoy, so far, better than both. I had very little doubt this would be a game I would really enjoy but was surprised at how much. 

Got a fair amount of gaming in this week:

  • #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure (x2) TTS, Multiplayer with various expansions: Warming up for our final 2 Clank legacy games on the weekend.  The more versions of this game I play the more I like it.  (I personally own #Clank! In! Space!.)
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale Solo Physical: Such a fun easy game to pull out and play a quick round when I'm in the mood for some non-digital solo entertainment.
  • #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated (x2) Physical multiplayer: FINALLY!  Got together outside with my group socially distanced.  Played games 9 and 10 of the campaign.  I super enjoyed playing this game although 2 games in a day is a bit much sometimes.  I'd be tempted to buy my own copy and play it again if I thought the group would be up for it. :)  If you like Clank at all and can get a group to commit to it I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • #Take 5 + Take a Number (x2 Physical): Had some friends over outside and I got them to play a couple of games of Take 5.  This game is a bit of fun once you get to know the other players and have played a few rounds.  We only played twice but I think I might be able to get it to the table again.
  • #Just One (x2 physical): Couple of games with same friends as well.  I think this one is their favourite.  It's a fun game for non-gamers with "ah hah!" moments and "groan" moments which are always fun.

Good week!

Another  great solo game with a short setup time is #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale.

#Villagers is pretty good too!

I definitely agree matte cards are generally better. 

I disagree on Western Legends.  I think that anytime you are playing a specific individual a miniature really helps get in to the character and enjoy it more.  Of course that is personal preference.

For Scythe, I tend to like it the way it is but if you are more in to the war aspect you should check out the Rise of Fenris as there is some optional content that will allow you to make it more war gamey.

As to games I would tweak..

#Orléans: Could use a bigger box.  It has a bit of lid lift with all of the extras inside of it.  (I encapsulated my workers so that doesn't help.)

#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale: Would have been nice if it came with reusable player map boards instead of paper.  Although it is nice to have something at the end of the game so it's a bit debateable.

This is such a good idea for a list! I've got 3 types of games on my self.

Games I can play with my wife 1v1 (usually less attacking mechanics)

Games I can play with my wife only in a group setting

Games I only play with others (usually has direct compeition interaction or is boring in her view)

There's so many games out there though that I can get a good experience playing with her and with others which is great.

Love the idea of using the #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale maps to create a map you actually use for something else!

I want to play games more than my wife and son do, so I find lately that I pull games I like off the shelf and play multiple hands by myself.  I've only recently picked up a few games with solo variants for this very reason. #Terraforming Mars, #Paladins of the West Kingdom, and #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale.  I've yet to play Paladins, and I've only played TM a few times with a couple of hands just to get the hang of it before playing the solo variant.  And Cartographers, well we just got it and played it for the first time a few weeks ago.  I like it a lot and will be playing it solo soon. 

I have really enjoyed #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and #Villagers this year.  Not sure if they will make a top 10 as I skew a bit heavy but they are up there. 

#Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar was new to me this year and has top 10 potential. 

I've been playing #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale a fair bit. It's my wife's new favorite so we pull it out about every other week at this point.

This week:

  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (solo, physical): I'm not a big solo player but this is becoming a favourite of mine to toss on the table when I feel like a bit of gaming.  It's quick, creative, and you end up with a cool little map at the end.  Some of my favourite things!
  • #Hadara (yucata, multiplayer): First game on yucata ever and first full game of hadara.  Decent platform and fun little game!  Best description I heard: "It's like 7 wonders and splendor had a baby."  Yup, that is about right.
  • #First Class (yucata, multiplayer): First game of this ever.  Fun little game!  It reminded me of a variety of other games at various levels but I'd play it again as the package is good.
  • #Alchemists (tabletop simulator, multiiplayer): First multiplayer game on tabletop simulator in quite a while.  The game took us longer to play that I expected (we had a bit of an issue with the scripting which took a while to fix.  Don't rewind an action as it will give you a new game code and REALLY bugger up your game if you don't catch it quick enough)  I love the deduction aspects of the game.  The work placement part is ok, not amazing, not bad.  I think judgement on how much I like it will require another game for sure.

#Innovation does seem like a hit or miss game.  I have to be in the right mood for it myself. #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale is somewhat like #Welcome to... although they are different enough that I would like to add #Welcome to... to my collection one day. #Siege: The Castle-Crashing Card Game of Medieval Mayhem is another good trael game.

#Splendor take up too much space for us to take generally.   Probably the same for #7 Wonders Duel#Cat Lady and #Welcome to... and #The Fox in the Forest I like in general.  They are smaller boxes which would be good for packing.  I would personally bring #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Innovation, #Friday, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, #Love Letter, and probably a couple of #Magic: The Gathering decks.  

#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale 4 LYFE!

Seriously though. I see the draw to The Crew, but as it's a game that can be somewhat trial and error until things click I believe that will hold it back.

I can get them to play #Ticket to Ride: Europe, #Century: Spice Road#Pandemic, #Sushi Go Party! and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and #6 Nimmt! fairly easily.  My wife also likes #Splendor #Azul and #Alhambra. I'm always up for a game, my wife occasionally, and my son not so much. I'm hoping to get more game play with #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Istanbul: The Dice Game, and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.

Pretty game filled week this week.  

Took on some shorter games for our week day game night:

  • #Incan Gold (Boardgame arena, multiplayer) x2:  Quick little push your luck game. Just enough there to enjoy it for the time it runs. 
  • #Tobago (Boardgame arena, multiplayer). First time playing this one. Reminded me a bit of cryptid except you have some say in where the treasure is and have to pick it up.  I quite enjoyed this one and would play it anytime. 
  • #Race for the Galaxy with #Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm and #Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium (board game arena multiplayer x2). First time playing with the expansions. I think they added enough to mix it up a bit but not too much where the game is no longer the same. Fun!
  • #6 Nimmt! (Board game arena multiplayer). Another one I have played a fair amount. Great for a laugh and doesn’t over stay it’s welcome. 

I also had some new games arrive which have solo modes:

  • #Villagers(physical solo):  I’ve played this quite a bit online and very much enjoyed it. For the solo mode you play against “the countess” who has events you have to deal with. It’s not quite the same as the game proper but I quite enjoyed that two games of it I played. (And I didn’t beat the countess.  Got some work to do!)
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (physical solo). I quite enjoyed playing it online and thought it would be a solo game that I would enjoy. I love maps and creating a map kicks the game up a notch for me. Solo was pretty comparable to playing with other players and I liked how it scores the game. Great pickup!
On the weekend we had a couple of games:

  • #Lisboa (tabletopia multiplayer):  went for round 2 whilewe still had the rules down.  Definitely played shorter as we only had 3 players but also knew what to expect. I still think it is a bit busy but it grew on me with a second play. 
  • #Russian Railroads (board game arena, multiplayer):  This is becoming a favourite of ours. Plays pretty fast but has lots of options. You can’t do everything in one game and it’s fun to try different tactics in different games. I definitely recommend this one!

FYI Phil, the "look at the game page on BGA" is still for #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

My current favorite roll and write is either Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale or Welcome To DinoWorld

Welcome to Dino world has harder decision, cartographers has more interesting player interaction. 

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