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A somewhat pedestrian area-majority game with some fluidity and an admittedly novel theme. Kind of cute, but the incredibly narrow margins make the entire game feel like small ball. Really not very good for 3, either. And dear lord, the iconography on the weapons is quite bad. Seems like it could lead to a preference towards the simpler ones.


I adore this game. It's simple, punchy and doesn't rely on randomness to balance the game. You never feel out of the game. The experimental 2 player is good, but it's better with 3+ players. I love the alternative games modes and i live the custom games length.


Enjoyable FPS port to board game. Not one I will buy but I will happily jump in a game.


Fun game, though area majority is a bit too min-maxy of a mechanic for my liking. I am not convinced that all the guns are (supposed to be) balanced.


3-5 players (best 4-5) 30-60 minutes


Sleeved with mayday premiums


Pure tactics with very little control. I don't know what I expected. Dealing out loads of damage is fun. The rulebook and flavor text are amusing. Traded 5/17


(4/17) 8. An completely attack-y game where no one feels bad about begin attacked. All the shooting and crazy guns make it silly fun, but there's definitely interesting resource management and decisions to be made about which weapons to pick up and who to target and when. Also doesn't outstay its welcome. Really fun game. (10/17) Drop to 7. Haven't played it in a little while now. Feel just the tiniest bit cumbersome, but still great.