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easy game and hard to reached the perfect ending. shuffle do make different of the outcome. overall very nice game to play as solo while break or waiting someone.


Quick to teach, easy to play, and it works solo.


Quick fun. One of those games that as you are describing it people are like "Okay, I guess we can play that" and then after they play it they are all "Let's play that again!"


A good game. Perfect for two. Hard to get the communication style down without cheating, but a good game. Not a great game.


While most enjoyed solo, The Game has proven to be more puzzle than game. The mechanic of using a card to decrease or increase the top card value on the decks is crucial and must be employed with precision in order to win. However, once player devise a system to achieve this end, The Game quickly becomes card-draw dependent. I fail to understand how this won the SdJ.


(7/16) 8. (9/17) Drop to 7. A really solid game that we've beat fairly consistently for a little while now so it doesn't really get too much call to get back out on on the table.