Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases

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I've only played one case, but wow, it was a really really neat and interesting experience. Not really so much a board game, as you can play it sitting on the couch or whatever. If this was a fully re-playable game, it would be way way up there, but also probably wouldn't give you the same experience.For 10 cases, I believe this is a great great experience, then you can pass it on to the next person, or hope that expansions or fan cases get made.


So cool, and so much fun! There isnt many titles out there that can compare to this game's feel. Very satisfying sleuthy adventures. Updated version has some really great components/presentation.


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This is the first "interactive fiction" (or whatever) that I've ever felt truly invested in. Within minutes of starting our first case we were already taking notes and making lists, adding suspects and drawing links and symbols all over the place. I don't know if it's a "game" so much but it sure as heck feels like an investigation.


I wouldn't want to play solitaire, much less competitively; but as a talky co-op in small groups this is quite enjoyable.




This game is brutal. While I appreciate the mystery solving process, I feel like Sherlock Holmes does so at an unrealistic pace. I also feel like the goal of the game is to explore as little of it as possible to ensure a better score. Why would a designer spend SO much time writing flavor text and sprinkling clues just to reveal to the players that the killer was the doorman at the beginning of the story and then punish you with less points because you wandered around town reading for 2 hours while Sherlock Holmes found him in his first 3 moves. That is not a spoiler, just saying... we are 2 campaigns in and I'm not sure if I'm going to have the patience to see the rest of the campaigns through.


This is a fantastic... heck, I almost don't want to call it a game. It was immediately embraced by my SO and her grown, nongamer kids. We have finished four (or five?) cases now and have little mannerisms and quotes that we keep tossing at each other that came from those sessions. Brilliant!


Ok, so maybe I like two cooperative games now, and probably more if there are more like this. I'm having so much fun every week solving new cases with friends.


Well, it only took 15 months to gethe get this player but we finally did it! Unfortunately, this is soooo not our type of game.


Good condition. Some writing on the first case (out of 10). A great 2-person game. Lots of reading but I enjoy the story. It is well thought out and well themed. Just don't play after owning Chronicles of Crime.




Haven't played it in about ten years. Back then, we completely exhausted the game. Might bring it out of storage soon.


(+) Intuitive rules (you can basically just start playing), immersive story, fantastic writing, the art is well done, everyone feels like they are contributing, can easily be re-sold or re-gifted after playing, all the different components you use (map, newspaper, directory, case booklet) work together really well, can play and put down at your leisure but you don't want to stop playing, the case ends when you decide to stop (-) There are several typos, the point system can largely be ignored and doesn't add that much to the game IMO (specifically the bonus for visiting fewer places which means you would see less content) (+/-) I won't criticize the game for replayability as it wouldn't really work with how the game is designed. However, replayability is something I value and you can really only play through the cases once (unless you have someone check your answers until you get it right). Being able to re-sell it takes some of that sting away though. Also (as with most co-op games) your experience may be positively or negatively affected by who you are playing with.


by hana

Too many wild leaps in assumptions. Detective: A Modern Crime is the better game with solid leads and clues that allows you to draw factual conclusions.


It's not as much a game as an activity. Can be fun in the right group.


Would recommend this to be played co-operatively. Have only tried to solve the first case, which we did abysmally at. Would recommend that someone else score your progress, so that you can have another crack at a case without knowing too much about how Holmes solves it. Great social game. Currently on loan to Jannine (20/06/2017)



Looking forward to playing more of the cases.


10 Choose your own adventure stories sold as a set in a board game box. Fine if that's your thing*. *Not my thing.


We weren't sure with the first case if we were "supposed" to try and beat Sherlock, and we completely whiffed on the final solution to try and solve it quickly. For the record, I don't think you should really care too much about how well Sherlock will do. I want to try a second case and solve it when we feel confident we've solved it, not because of some artificial limit.


Even though I suck at it and follow too many leads, this is a very good puzzle. Lots of typos, but I can get past that pretty easily. Very fun game that really makes it feel like you are solving a crime. I'll be sad when the 10 cases are over.


The most satisfying solo experience and up there for most satisfying board game experience I've ever had. Just fascinating and thrilling. Like walking around inside the world of Holmes' Victorian London. Wonderful. Just amazing. Can't speak highly of it enough.


(4/16) 6. Really enjoyed my first play though I had the sense that some of the answers to the first case were almost abstractions of what we'd learned in the game? Though perhaps that's the point. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing this again and feel like it's the type of game that improves as you continue to play it. (10/17) Rise to 7. Whereas most of the time not playing a game has made me lower my rating on games, here absence has made my heart grow fonder. Really itching to play this again.