Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion Expansion

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The card part of the expansion is fine. Not wickedly fun like Alien Artifacts but totally reasonable. The rest of the crap in the box? What a bore and a chore. After a couple of learning games and a couple of real games we tossed all the rest of that junk in our "stuff for Race that's not just cards" box and never looked back. I wish they would sell smaller versions of each expansion that contain only the card portion. We haven't liked a single one of the non-card parts of the expansions and the fact that they're all optional anyway make them feel even more tacked on and pointless. I love Race, I love cards. All I want are more Race cards.


Reserving judgment. 2P advanced saw very little pressure from the Xenos, which was unsatisfying. The new cards don't round out the set nearly as well as Alien Artifacts did, so this expansion will live or die based on the Xenos--and that doesn't look promising.