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One of the best two player games.


Very smart game. It's amazingly simple to set up, understand and fun to play. The mild strategy is very clever and it is what make this game fun.


Weight: 1.71 / 5Includes real buttonsIncludes wooden insert


2p only, 30 minutes, medium light gameRosenberg. Great 2 player game. Easy to learn and plays fast. My son is a big fan of this game. We've also bought and tried Cottage Garden, but we strongly prefer this one and have traded away Cottage Garden. The short playing time and the small sized box are ideal for trips/holidays, so this one will have amply playing time.


Played with my wife (who normally doesn't like complicated games) and had a blast. I like the theme and the components. VERY simple to teach and play. Highly recommend!


Do I even need to bother with a comment? Patchwork is so popular because Patchwork is so good. The only thing that would make it better is if it had bears. What's that you say? There might be a bear-centric game along the same lines?


Very little to do. The race/puzzle is not compelling enough.


This just feels like tetris the boardgame. I love how the game just flows so well and finding the right move in order for every piece to just fit perfectly is awesome. I love the mechanic of jumping so far for the piece you want, or in order to block you opponent from purchasing the piece they need, it just adds a whole other level of strategy in the game.


**** Replace for Barenpark (multiplayer, but no economic engine like the buttons)


Gave away knowing one day it will come back to my collection. Such a perfect balance of low stress but significant decision making. Now if I can just beat Emily...


2 ~30


A satisfying combination of tetris and tile placement alongside a very simple, yet elegant turn process of buying tiles that earn you income, but also move you spaces.


The fun does not last




Such a simple design, with excellent execution. The game has nothing extra, nothing flashy. It's simple and it works flawlessly.


Tetris meets quilting. Wish the pieces would snap together and stay on the board better.


This game won us over because of how simple the design is but how clever and effective it is at the same time! I something wish it was a bit more colorful like some of the alternative artwork options on the digital version. However, this game is a great way to lure non-gamers to the table!




I'm very happy with this! It's a fun, easy-to-learn, quick game that is slyly strategic. I'm looking forward to more sessions. If it played just as well with more than two people, I'd have rated it a 10.


EUR 18,25 from AMAZON


2 player


It's rare for an abstract game to entice me, and I came into this not expecting to enjoy it. It's not great, but I'd play it again.


Very good two player game. Light and relaxing and perfect as an after work game. Inside Waterdeep (move 2017)


Elegant. I only wish it was a touch shorter.


Great little two player puzzle that is elegant. All pieces have two costs, one of time and one of money, which are well balanced and allow you to always have an option to get a piece. The gallery of available pieces to buy rotates in a satisfying way to allowing you to circle around and buy the more expensive pieces that you weren't able to but the first time around. Finally, the main player board is just a fun little puzzle of trying to put all of the pieces in without leaving any gaps. The turns are quick and the games are short and don't overstay their welcome. There is plenty to be thinking and strategizing. As a final cherry on top, this game is relatively inexpensive. This is probably the best short two-player game in my opinion.


Location: Kallax


Really love this little game. Need more plays to figure out how much really comes down to luck. I could see that this game could REALLY bring about AP. ------- Upgraded to 9.5. The more I play the more strategies I see in this game. For such a simple rule set it really does reward multiple plays. A quick favourite in the family.


A great balance of competition, puzzle and personal quilt building. Fantastic 2-player game.


Patchwork is a fine tile placing abstract game. I do not like many abstract games, but Patchwork is short and simple and I enjoy the spatial decisions that populate the game.




2-player only


Really neat game, the game will benefit greatly with better components


In a span of a few weeks, this game has climbed the ranks of becoming a favorite game for my wife and I. The title of a "couple's game" is really easy to bestow on it, especially with the theme, but really, anyone two people could play it. The sewing theme is just flavor. There's just enough decision making, and the ramping up that is done at the end is just spectacular. The obvious component upgrade is to get some real-life buttons to use as currency in place of the cardboard chits. Once you've gotten a few games under your belt, check out the strategy article that talks about button rates to take your game to the next level.


7/24/16: 7 to 8. Gets way more fun with time. 12/25/15: Not AS groundbreaking as I had been expecting. Patchwork is an abstract two-player game that -- so far -- seems to get reactions similar to "huh, neat" at the end. If I'm only playing with one other player I'd so hard rather be playing Jaipur, a game that seems just as simple and yet contains far more depth, fun, and camels. Patchwork doesn't have camels, Jaipur does.


My wife and I have fun each time we play. Also not a game that one of us seems to dominate.


Initial rating of 6.5 after first game. This is on the cusp of something i'd enjoy regular play of. +'s - elegant rules, interesting decisions, wife enjoys it -'s - felt a bit light If we play it more, i can see my rating increasing. Currently on loan to Jannine (20/6/2017)



Very thoughtful and concise design, with great decision making.


Great game, simple explanation with a lot of depth. The app is also fantastic.


The design is very solid, the game just isn't that exciting to me.


ook digitale versie op ipad


A fun, quick game that’s not too complex. The Tetris tile laying mechanic is a little puzzler, but not too difficult.


A fun, quick game that’s not too complex. The Tetris tile laying mechanic is a little puzzler, but not too difficult.


Very fun 2 player game. Played it with the wife and she enjoys it even though she made fun of the theme when I brought it out : P. It's an Uwe Rosenberg game, so can't really expect much less.


Great two player game. Think I will get a lot of miles out of this game.


It's a little boring, but not awful. Willing to play usually.


2, 15-30m


I'm clearly in the minority on this one, but I do not like this game. It's a game-ified, competitive jigsaw puzzle, and I hate jigsaw puzzles. Will never play again, but understand why people like it.


Cool little two player game with lots of strategy


Lovely little 2-player game, but the fun was reduced a bit when we discovered the 'formala' to select the optimal patch. Even after that, there is sufficient strategy to the game, but it doesn't hit the table quite as often.


Super fun 2player abstract


A wonderful two-player puzzle. Imagine tetris with way more shapes and sizes. Another new classic.


So deep for how quick it is, so fun.


So deep for how quick it is, so fun.


Fun little game that you can play after or between some of the heavier games. Not much variability that make the game a bit blunt when playing too much of it in a short period of time.


A favorite, non-card 2p game. The juggling of the two currencies (buttons & time) makes for very interesting decisions. The 7x7 bonus tile, is basically a game-ender, but players have a lot of ability to deny their opponents of the prize. Suprisingly tactical, yet charming and light. After a handful of plays, I have found myself over-gaming the experience. Instead of playing the game as a light and casual one, I try to insert more strategy than is needed. Its just a little bit too light for me to love, but my wife likes it so we still play it occasionally.


Wonderful little game for 2, it's like playing Tetris against another person. The theme is a bit strange, but it fits and the game has a lot of strategy going on. I don't count plays for this game, because I hardly ever play the physical version of it, instead I play via app and I have multiple games running at all times and over 450 games completed.


Its a good game for me and my wife. Not too complicated and very little take that action.


A pretty unique game with a pretty unique theme. Trying to fill your quilt perfectly while also acquiring the most buttons is quite challenging.


This theme really is confusing why its so fun and makes so much sense. Really good "tetris style" game that take way to much place on the table