Codenames: Duet

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Not a fun game with 2 players. It misses the party element. You need to discuss the clues with someone for this game to shine. My first disappointment with Codenames.


Not as entertaining ask thought it would be. Played three times but there's not much excitement to it. I think it might actually be funnier to play in teams than two players.


Weight: 1.38 / 5


2 player variant, Co-op. Its fun, but a lot of pressure to not suck, and its hard!




This game is indeed harder than the original Codenames which can be slightly frustrating. However, this is the best version. First of all, it's much easier for me to play with my wife than to find 4-6 people for the regular Codenames. It also flows much faster with virtually no downtime. Even when it's your opponent's turn to give a clue and they are talking their time to come up with one, you can be doing the same on your side of the table. Excellent.


This game is pretty hard! definitely more overwhelming than its original counter part. Thinking about 3 assassins and that what is an assassin for me is not one for my partner is difficult at times. overall fantastic game but I haven't played the "campaign" mode yet.


A clever twist--but I think having large numbers of people is a key part of the fun.


Co-op version of codenames that works very well with 2 players. You can play more as well, but I feel like when you get to 6 players, it's fun to compete (codenames/pictures). This is the best version of codenames for low player counts. High player counts - play the original. You can mix and match the word cards with codenames to provide even more word variety.


This is a great game and I am usually not into this sort of ‘word association games’ I think duet is the superior game between the two. Great for 2 players and not bad for more dispite the name duet. October 2017 $15 Demoed at Origins


Pretty amazing how Codnames could be turned into a solid 2-player game. Still feels like a social game, too.


Excellent implementation of Codenames for 2 players. Difficult but lots of fun.


I thoroughly enjoy this as a 2+ player co-op. The player scalability and teamwork make this an easy choice for Family Game Night, whether with the kids or just the wife.


My wife & I really enjoy this version of Codenames.


A fun co-op variant to Codenames. The difficulty is a little bit too high for the first city, but otherwise it is great as a 2 player filler.


This is a wonderful, two player co-op game that my wife and I play. It is far more challenging at times than standard codenames, particularly with the small window for success.


If you like Codenames, you'll like this - except it's quite hard.


I was pretty sick of Codenames playing it as a group, but the mechanics of Duet re-invigorated it and at a player count I'm far more likely to hit. A worthwhile upgrade for this straightforward game.


Co-op Codenames for two; basically the same as the normal game, but for a pair


Id prefer to play regular codenames with a large group but this scratches the quick word game itch for my wife and me. Edit 7/18: This version has really grown on me. It is definitely harder than the original.


Codenames Duet is a great couples game. Where Codenames explored the broad and ambiguous nature of words, Duet drills into the shared lexicon of two people. Reducing the guessers to just a single person allows the clue giver to reference personal experiences in their clues, and adds an interesting new dynamic to the game. Additionally, the extra Assassins drastically increases the game's drama. Since one of your Assassins is your partner's Codename, there is an added tension that was absent in its predecessor. Its also a much harder game, as transitioning between guessing, and cluing is a worthy challenge. Duet is a hallmark of iterative design, and a must play for any scholarly (or not) gamer.


(+) Everyone gets to think of clues now, more assassins, variable difficulty, easy to teach, non-gamers LOVE it, price is excellent, different looking agents and civilians was a nice touch, great with 2 players (-) Theme is not really brought out in the gameplay, rating is capped by a lack of depth


Takes the Codenames formula and makes it 2 players which is amazing. Our biggest issue was Codenames was it was no fun to play with under 6 people meaning it never saw much table time. Now we can play it whenever we want!