An Infamous Traffic

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This is a very strange game, I'm at a loss for what to think about it. Flow of play is so herky-jerky, it's almost non-existent. The cadence is... sit and think for a while. Then take your action, which takes three seconds or less. And so on and so on. For a game of its type, it has to be among the clunkiest games I've ever played. The rules need to be checked and re-checked after almost every turn simply because there are so many details, exceptions, and restrictions. The decisions are interesting. Warrants more plays to get past the stickiness of the thing, but unless you have a group breaking this out on a regular basis, the game will never play smoothly.


I do NOT like the scoring system. Or the beat you while you're down and kingmaking mechanics. All players need to be equally skilled in order for this game to be balanced. Wasn't impressed.


Saw Heavy Cardboard do a run-through of this and I couldn't pull the trigger on it fast enough! Great combination of brutal outcomes and tough choices makes this a must have for me.


(10/17) 7. Such a cool, weird game. Unlike anything I've played. I don't even know if this rating is correct since I don't think I ever fully grokked this game, but I love the strangeness of it.