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Random, tough to win, and often arbitrary. But man it's fun. As a party/social game, it's tough to beat. [EDIT] ...except by The Resistance, which completely obsoletes it.


what better for a huge party??


I typically play this with Lupus in Tabala cards. My opinions and play record are mostly there.


Lupus In Tabula version. Fun party game for large crowds. Player elimination is a bit of a problem, but watching can be just as much fun. Unfortunately, my group is fairly predictable and always say little more than "I'm not a werewolf". Ugh.


This is THE party game. I love anything with bluffing, and though I'm a terrible liar, this is about the only game where I can play 10 times in a row and want to play again. Plus it really says a lot about mob mentality and the way a group of people interacts. One of my favorite games.


SO MUCH FUN! Lupus in Tabula is the one I used for years, but now I use Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition for the villagers that are identical (removes a rules reminder to make every time a new player joins). But I just love the public domain version itself. Also own W/Miller's Hollow, I Am Not A Communist, and Lynch Mob.


Awesome game for a large party.


Werewolf is as much an event as it is a game. The game experience varies greatly depending on the players (their level of interactivity), and the moderator.