Mystic Vale

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Fun 'card building' / deck building game. Create your own unique power card combinations. INCLUDED: Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic Mystic Vale: Vale of the Wild


2-4 players (best 2) 45-60 minutes


I don't like this game without the expansions, but it is quite enjoyable with them. One of my girlfriends favorites. Good for 2 players and works well for 3 and 4 since the only way where players 'meet' is buying from the same pool of cards.


An interesting take on deck building, that does surprisingly little to distinguish itself. Although you are 'card crafting,' the game doesn't feel wildly different from the typical deck builder, and manages to make things more clunky by needing to slide cards in and out of sleeves. However, it is fun to create combos between cards or within a card itself. I prefer several other deck builders to this, but I'd recommend people try it, if only for the novelty.


An interesting take on the deckbuilding genre where you're not just building your deck, but also changing the cards in it. Peeling all the plastic sheets off the clear cards when you first open the game is painful though.


(1/17) 7. (10/17) Drop to 5. I might pick this up if I could get it with an expansion or two. Just didn't seem to be enough in the base.