Las Vegas Boulevard, labeled the first expansion for Las Vegas, includes several modules that players can use individually or in combination, specifically:

  • Eight dice in two new colors to allow for up to seven players.
  • A purple die for each player that allows you to remove an opponent's or own die when placed (with enough purple dice to have up to eight players).
  • A large die in each color, except purple, that counts as two dice when determining who scores at a casino.
  • Two white dice to play the basic variant with up to 7 players.
  • Rules for playing a solitaire version of the game.
  • Rules for playing a variant of the game.
  • Bills worth $100,000.
  • Bills worth $50,000 for each bill of a specific color you collect.
  • One-shot action cards, with each player receiving one such card at the start of each round.
  • Special cards of variable random value.
  • A new, seventh casino; on a turn, a player can place all the dice he rolled of a single number in this casino, but then no more dice of this number can be placed in this casino by any player.

(Note that Las Vegas Boulevard was initially announced as Las Vegas Lights and later renamed Las Vegas Plus.)

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