Descent: Journeys in the Dark

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Fun game of heroes hacking their way through dungeons. Hero players play vs. the Overlord, who controls the monsters. Game is tactical, requires cooperation among the hero players, and has excellent replay value, since a defeat by the Overlord will require the players to try that dungeon again. However, the downsides of this game are the size and number of pieces, setup time, and most of all, the extended length of time to play.Ultimately traded away for several reasons.1. I like, but don't love the game.2. Doesn't scale well, and I don't like the idea of one player playing more than one hero.3. Lengthy FAQ and rules clarifications (which would make becoming familiar with the game difficult as I couldn't get the game to the table frequently enough).


Quite a long game, which is a big detractor. It's definitely a whole bunch of fun while you're playing it, but there is no doubt that I have to be in a certain mood before I'll want to play it.


Set up and playtime are too long for our group! Potentially very fun game, but simply too time-consuming compared to other available dungeon-crawlers.SOLD, October 2014


by paka

Dungeon-crawler extraordinaire. Played for hours and days when we first got it. Haven't played the basic dungeon crawling after got spoiled by the campaign mode of RtL.


Such beautiful components! Such marvelous play options! Such nice (and surprising) combat mechanics! If only the game could be finished in under three hours, and if only you didn't have to slog through room after room of fodder. I wish the game could be condensed into a shorter, more compelling experience.


Ugh. I don't like dungeon crawls and it was because of this that this game did not settle well with me. Only 1 play and it took 3 hours for the 1st scenario. It is a good game in that it seems that the overlord is playing a different game from the one that you are playing. If you are playing with others who are into the theme then it would be a fun game but if you don't like fancy name such as "Theodrun the Battlescarred" or somesuch, I suggest you stay away. As for the dolls, there are plenty of them in the box.