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Felt a bit like Kingdom Builder, except a good game that was fun. Not sure I liked it enough to hold onto it, but it was definitely a fun time. Especially once we all started to get into the game and see how it worked.




I wish this was the gateway game people recommended universally. It's simple on the surface, but absolutely worthy of multiple plays at every player count. I would love if this had more maps, project cards, etc, but it probably won't.


2-4 players (best 3-4) 45-60 minutes


The gameplay is complex enough to keep us engaged—and it’s really fast with just the two of us—with a fun theme. The production quality is fantastic: amazing artwork, amazing wooden resource tokens—and the insert is divine, even for standing the box on its side.


The game of competitive cooperation. Since all goods and open paths on the board are communal, players are forced to work together, though in an indirect sort of way. If you sequester yourself in the corner of the board your won't stand a chance, but if you scratch too many backs, you'll likely be taken advantage of. This sense of tactical cooperation is the game's flagship quality. It perhaps plays a bit too quick, as a group of four could easily learn and play in well under an hour. Also, the decisions are a bit too thin. Optimal moves are fairly easy to identify and leave me wanting more to chew on. Finally, the big miss for me is the lack of potent building powers. Strong building rewards would have gone a long way, but instead they are disappointingly weak, and often go unused. But for those in the market for an introductory Euro game, you should shop here.


Fast and easy to learn. Rules are straight forward. Its a basic Resource Management and Route Building game