True Colors

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Save this one for a medium-sized group of intimate friends or family - it's a blast. Awkward for folks that don't know each other well - you need background on other players to vote cleverly. "Strangers" in an established group may feel left out because they miss the inside jokes. I've bought two games and recolored the gizmos and cards to add more players, but 6 to 8 is about right.


A big hit with my daughter. Some of the cards can be racy or inappropriate, but most of them are fine. This is not a game you play to win - it's a party game.


(11/15) 10. (9/17) 10. One of my very favorite games to play with close friends. It might strain friendships or make things uncomfortable but there's something great that is forged in those moments, not to be too overdramatic about it. My #5 favorite game of all time.