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+ Mechanically a fun and streamlined design+ Gorgeous Art and Components- Too reliant on lucky card draws especially at the game start- The resource management aspect of the game is too loose- Slightly too long for the amount of depth it offers- Provides very little reason to concern yourself with your opponents and their turns


Cute forest critters theme. Draft buildings and critters to play onto your tableau. Different sets can earn you goals worth VPs. Cards are also worth points. Worker placement mechanic in order to do any action other than playing a card from your hand. Some cards make other cards free (i.e. the Farm allows for the free play of a Man/Woman critter); otherwise, all cards have a resource cost.


This game is junk - it is all visual. The game has so many weird design choices - like why put the goal cards on the tree when they are so small no one card read them? I played one four player game and felt that I saw everything the game had to offer.Very disappointed with this one.


Amazing and beautiful worker placement, resource management and card game. Art is beautiful, the mechanisms are spot on, and the fact that you can do your actions at your own pace is just brilliant. Loved playing this.


Gameplay is fun and the artwork is amazing


Weight: 2.38 / 5Includes Clay pots for resourcesIncludes Treasure Chest for CoinsIncludes Seashell for Pearlbrook pearlsIncludes Twigs replaced with real stick bundles


Rating based on 1st play, which was quite enjoyable. Artwork is great, albeit the text is VERY small. Too small to my liking (but [perhaps I'm just getting old). Would like to play this some more and am still considering adding this one to the collection.


Cute theme, great components, nice presentation and really fun to play


Kickstarted 2nd edition


Perfectly generic worker-placement tableau-builder, except for the ability to build a certain card for free if you have its prerequisite; problem being whether that other card ever enters the system, much less your laying hands on it, is pretty random. Awfully cute, though.


This game surprised me. I expected to like it but it was really good. We’ll see over time of course but we’ll be playing this a bunch!


This was a cute and fun worker placement/tableau building game. The tree was neat, but really over kill. I like that people can finish seasons at different times, it allows for a lot more variety.


Interesting take on deck building. I really enjoyed the art and the chaining of some cards together. The big tree is a bit of a gimmick and not necessary but still a game I would play again.


Wonderful blend of theme, mechanics, and more...


On order!


Great fun light engine game and amazing artwork! Might get a little old after man many plays which is why it's a 9. Still super fun and looking forward to any expansions in the future!!


Kickstarter Collectors Edition. Such a beautiful game. The theme really shines through as the resources are limited at the start (winter season) and continue to grow until the harvest of August. Definitely an engine, tableau building game that leaves you wishing you had a few more turns when it all comes to an end. So many good strategies and card combinations to explore. Highly recommend!