Evolution: Climate

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Played once. Just don't play it because of the heavy interaction. I enjoy the app as well.


1.18.18 My god is this game boring. Get a hand of cards to either bump up your species stats (body size for offense/defense and population for food which is the VP in the game), start a new species, or play on an existing species. One card also goes on the food pile to dictate how much food there is that round. Then, one by one, players take food per population of their species. If a species can't be fed, it loses population and possibly dies off. Winner at the end is the player with the most food. This game could be better if the cards were actually fun but there is something that protects against everything so most of the time, you just sit there going, "Ok, that had no effect on me."


This game tells a good story via the game play. The theme mixes perfectly with the mechanics.


Fun to engineer your own dinosaurs.


Needs 4+ to really shine. Every time I think I have a good strategy, it's usually destroyed by something I didn't think about. Wish the promo pack III was sold more widely.


A pretty interesting game where most of what occurs is determined by the sum of the actions of its players. Seems to lack variety in terms of card abilities which hurts replayability, and the climate cards are pretty much only negatives which means they are only reached for to hurt your opponent, so those aren't great either.


Love this game. My favorite.