Nexus Infernum


In Nexus Infernum, each player assumes the role of a power-hungry Necromancer seeking to become the most blasphemous in the realm. Through command of their skeletal minions gathered in the Nexus, players will battle against one another in a struggle to control six portals and channel the energy that manifests within them. As players channel the four different strains of dark arcana from the portals, they will enhance their powers through invoking and forging unholy pacts with demons gathered beyond the breach. Each demonic pact moves a player towards victory through accumulation of points of blasphemy.

  1. Roll dice to see which portal (which is marked by different symbols) gets resources. Your dice determine the color of resources as well as the portal.
  2. Roll dice to see where your first skeleton will travel to. Initially this move means nothing, but as more of your skeletons invade the board you'll have to roll a higher number on the threshold to allow a new skeleton to enter the arena.
  3. Once your skeleton is on the board they can move to any other portal they choose. Later on in the game when multiple skeletons are in play players can spend a blue resource to move an additional skeleton.
  4. If two players have a skeleton on the same spot, a player can roll dice and see if they can kill the opposing skeleton. The attacker will need to roll a 4 or higher on a six-sided die to defeat the opposing skeleton, and the defender will roll a D4. If the defender rolls a 4, they will kill the attacking skeleton. In later rounds, players can use a black resource to attack more skeletons.
  5. Player will then roll a D4 to determine how many resources they can pluck from their portal.
  6. Player can then choose to bank their resources and hold them until their next turn, or spend it on a demon in the pool. Each demon has different values and purchasing a demon will eventually allow you to unlock pacts which grant you points as well as additional abilities throughout the game. Pacts are only unlocked when a player successfully gains a pair of demons from the same color scheme.
  7. Next player moves...

—description from the publisher


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