Forbidden Desert

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Finally played a game with more than just myself. It was fun. We just lost. I think I like Forbidden Island just a smidge more because it is easier to teach to others, but this one has the advantage of having more to think about. Again, I am not sure how many times we will get it played at my game group as we prefer competitive games when we can manage to get together. It is fun with the family though.


Feels more random than Forbidden Island, but it has new mechanics that we really enjoy.


Very enjoyable (and difficult) co-op. Suitable for kids as young as 7 or 8 to play independently, and the co-op nature of the game allows them to learn some more complex strategy and puzzle-solving than they otherwise could on their own.


by hana

Ok as a gateway game for casual gamers or kids. But too light after 2 plays. I recommend just jumping straight to Pandemic or Horrified.


A GREAT co-op. Plays great at all player counts. All of the components are super fantastic. Plays in just the right amount of time. Is a complete and total game, not requiring any expansions (or pieces of garbage extras). It's just great. It can be hard or unlucky at times, but both of those ideas somewhat fit into the theme of the game, so you never feel cheated. Overall, a great co-op. Much better than Forbidden Island IMO.


Itch: co-op For me, the good: - The theme permeates everything in an amazing way - Clues offer an interesting alternative to Pandemic or Forbidden Island's set collection - I like coops The bad - Finding the clues feels like an exercise in "flip all the tiles before you die". While I initially liked the clues approach, its started to make me question my purchase. - I grew up in the dessert and loathe them, so I'd prefer the look of Forbidden Island but it felt too easy and too close to Pandemic. - I tend to prefer more real-world themes, so I probably would have preferred Flashpoint for my non-Pandemic coop.


Traded for Corona de Hierro on 3/22/19




FULLY SLEEVED 49 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


Leacock has done variation upon variation of his coop formula and this is one of the best. The engaging theme, impactful player powers, and consistently close wins and losses make this one a winner. I'll play this before base Pandemic any time.



I am excited for this to be a thing.


What a great game@! Good game mechanics that lead to good player interaction in a cooperative game play. The theme is fun as well. Buy It.


Fun, quick co-op game that is easily beaten—I’m sure it’ll be fun with the kiddo. My partner likes this one the most out of all co-op games we’ve played.


Initials on box lid, upper left corner


2-5, 45m


Fun game, but doesn't feel like it'd offer a lot of replayability when playing with the same group. Give it new people and it shines!


Celeste and I struggle to beat this.


$16.81 18-Apr-15


A good light co-op game with some nice components in line with Forbidden Island.


(3/17) 5. (10/17) Drop to 4. A fine gateway coop, but I don't think there's much chance of me playing this again in the future. Prefer it to Island though.