Tim Fowers Paperback - The Card Game

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Fun, but hard not to compare to Hardback. This feels less like a Dominion-style deck builder, and more of a spelling game with some random effects.


Only played 2 player so far, my wife played a couple of games. She liked it, which is positive. I think that I will settle with this game as my go to for her. ______________________ Four player game today. A lot more strategy involved and you must be far more careful about the letters you buy. It also goes MUCH longer. ------------- Ultimately traded as it didn't hit the spots that it needed to in order to maintain my interest over multiple plays.


I hate word games. Paperback made me like a word game. Excellent.


Great Word Game! My wife & I are adding variants as we play. We have played the Co-op variant together once. She really likes that. Both of us really like this for a word game. The game can get long for us, so we have shortened it by having less fame cards to draw from & if 2 stacks of letters are used up that also ends the game. I have also played one solo game and enjoy the challenge.


Itch: scrabble If buying: sounds like Hardback might be better.


Includes Unabridged expansion


FULLY SLEEVED 204 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm) 11 x SwanPanasia 65x100: Standard (SWN-034, 165/pack) - (65 x 100mm)


The best thing about this game is that everyone is going to have at least one moment where they drop a great word and feel like a genius. I'm always willing to play this and I'll play it with anyone.


Not my normal type of game, but well designed and happy to play if asked.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/paperback-2014/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/paperback-2014-accessibility-teardown/


Love the visual theme of novel covers with retro art. Cool game design, but I traded for Targi because paperback just doesn't get played in my group and I think my wife and folks will enjoy Targi.


An asynchronous app version of this game would be amazing. Being pressured for time in a word game is terrible, and sucks the enjoyment out of it for me.


kickstarter (w/Fugitive) sold at Gen Con 50 played twice and all players felt it very meh. No tension or interesting game play.


2-5, 45m


Scrabble + Dominion. If that sounds fun to you, you'll probably like this game.


Deck-development game where the core mechanic is making words to activate the abilities on letters. Probably simpler than Dominion, but lacking the variety. Slows way down with more than two players.


The deck building is very bland. The word-making is still based on random letters. So basically its scrabble without the board bonuses, put into the most generic deck builder ever.


A good cross of deckbuilding and word building like Scrabble, however some of the cards that give you coins for having wilds in your word sometimes seem a little too powerful since the wilds are what you need for points at the end of the game.


(8/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 6. I should like this game much more than I do. The word forming aspect almost seems a little incidental if that makes sense?


In Germany


Absolutely loves this game. I am thinking this will be a great gateway game to introduce my wife into board games!